Rack Shield Guard

Rack Shield Guard Houston Texas

Rack shield / Rack guards avoid fork lift damage to valuable Pallet rack uprights. Rack guard provides to protect people, machinery, and constructions from the foreseen and the unforeseen. All of our products can be easily customized to your specific needs and dimensions whether they be height, length, color, location, or functionality. Easy one step installation, this rack shield eliminates painting and prevents damage to your vertical supports. Made of extruded high-density polyethylene thermoplastic or stell construction. Rack shield reduce pallet rack damage, expensive repairs, and workplace injury risk.


The all steel construction provides 24/7 protection to guard your investment without interrupting aisle flow patterns or limiting access to your pick area. Shield critical rack supports and prevent dangerous pallet spills. Your workers are kept and your property secure. safety panels provide a barrier between your stock and any potential hazards to both safeguard your inventory and prevent injury and accident to your workers. The panels are designed to overhang your racks by 3 inches, giving your pallets room to fit on your shelves safely behind the barrier while still being protected from accidents or damage.

Protect pallet racking with durable wrap around protection. Fits pallet rack measuring 3″ wide by 3-3⁄4″ deep. Increase pallet rack column strength on impact by over 100%. Includes rubber bumper insert, 1/2″ thick, and hardware. Easy to install with wrench or socket. No concrete drilling required. Steel construction. Powder coat safety yellow finish. Rack guards come in a variety of configurations and are yet another of the many uses. Roll formed selective Pallet Rack is the most popular and versatile racking in the industry. It offers the best solutions for warehouses with palletized products and a wide variety of goods.


  • Direct access to each pallet
  • Simple stock management
  • Adaptable to any product volume, weight or size
  • Save costs by using Wide Span beams with selective end connectors

The company uses only high strength steel certified to meet the strictest specifications. All weld operations are controlled through advanced robotics or performed by welders certified to AWS Standards. The durable powder coating and baked enamel finishes ensure long life under even the most demanding conditions.

Pallet Rack Safety Accessories

Row End Protectors

Row end frames typically see a tremendous amount of forklift traffic. Row end protectors, made of heavy steel sections and bolted across the full width of the row, help guard against inescapable run-ins with material handling equipment. Additional sections can be added for greater protection.

Column Protectors

Column protectors come in a number of shapes, sizes and materials. Added just above the base of the racking column, post-protectors shield the frame at the most critical impact point.

Personnel Safety Accessories

Capacity Signs: According to the Rack Manufacturer's Institute (RMI) specifications, well-marked pallet load plaques should be placed in several obvious locations throughout the warehouse. Load plaques provide the engineered capacities of the pallet racking system used to prevent system overloading.

Safety Netting: Safety netting will protect your employees and your business from serious and costly injury due to falls or fallen objects. Apex has an extensive variety of netting options which we will customize for your application.

Highway Guard Rail: Installed in high traffic areas, Apex's bright and abuse-resistant warehouse guardrail protects personnel, storage equipment and machinery.