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Damaged Loading dock or Broken door?

A company’s loading dock is the one secure point where employees and customers come in and out of the building. When for any reason that doorway becomes damaged or unstable (such as a broken door or malfunctioning opener) your business can be temporarily shut down until it can be fixed, making you miss out on sales while customers continuously bombarded with a “Sorry, we’re closed!” sign. This needs to be fixed immediately by professionals so that you company doesn’t suffer any loss. If you require assistance with broken doors, loading docks, fire exit doors, or other warehouse or office entryways in the Houston area call now.

Overhead doors used for a number of purposes, including as drive-through bays for trucking companies, warehouses or retail facilities. Dock levelers are ideal solutions for industrial facilities that need heavy equipment to be driven over them safely. We have the experience and expertise to handle any of these overhead door and dock leveler repair situations. We repair, install, replace, and relocate dock levelers, Commercial doors and dock safety equipment, including fork lift damage repair. We repair all kinds of doors and sell doors based upon the customer’s needs and the type of operation they are running. We install for many different manufactures and do electrical control repair to complete door rebuilds.

One of the most common problems that can arise from a loading dock accident is damaged equipment. Whether your forklift, lift truck or pallet jack is disabled by the broken dock or a rusted floor structural failure, it is essential to get the issue fixed as quickly as possible. Whether it be a Commercial / Industrial door, Dock leveler or dock, Motor operated gate problem we will assist you.

You have an issue that needs to be fixed; you are looking for a temporary and easy solution while your system is being worked on. When you call Door and Dock Solutions, you can count on our technicians arriving when they knowing how to repair your issue. We are committed to providing fast and affordable solutions for whatever your problem. Our mission is to deliver a customer service experience not matched by our competitors in both quality and timeliness of workmanship for our customers at an affordable price.

A business will need to replace or repair a door or loading dock that has been damaged due to a storm, weight bearing issue or other circumstance. The installers arrive to find the damage is actually to a door threshold, not the actual door or loading dock. After installing the new item you’ll never even know there was a problem. Do let your business suffer in customers and sales due to a broken door or malfunctioning loading dock. Make sure your warehouse or business is properly secured with all doors and entries operational at all times.

Door and Dock Solutions is a team of fully trained technicians that provide same-day service to our customers in the Houston area. That means we are accessible to you 24/7 and can respond immediately to any questions or issues arising with your loading dock equipment or door. We offer service on a wide range of equipment. From roll-up doors to dock equipment and everything in between. After years of working with customers of all sizes and types, we've learned that one size does not fit all.

For quick, specialist industrial / specialty doors, loading dock and industrial warehouse equipment service contact your local Door and Dock Solution representative or you could fill the contact form bellow and we'll contact you. We're always stocked with after-market, automatic door, loading dock and quality door and security access control product parts and our specialist factory and in - house trained technicians possess the skill necessary to receive your facility running in full capability quickly and up. Experts suggest for executing installation, maintenance and repair jobs, calling skilled sales and professional service suppliers. We don’t sub-contract out for repair work.


  • These trained and experienced professionals are efficient to handle all kind of hardware related issues.
  • It is a cost-effective solution because the end results are always accurate and you need not to spend more money on after care services with a professional fixing the problem. You can avail better guidance from professionals about how to use and care about commercial product installationand it will lead to long term benefits on long term for maintenance/ repair or retrofit.
  • It is possible to get proper hardware descriptions from experts so that selection of door becomes much easier before installation and one can choose a piece of hardware as per space, specifications and material requirement.
  • A professionally installedcommercial door / Automatic door / loading/ Automated gates and Access control products can work with similar performance for years with proper maintenance.
  • Locally owned and operated in Houston, Tx.
  • 24/7 Emergency service

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