Self-Storage Doors

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Leaders in the door and dock field, the team here at Door and Dock Solutions have so many door and dock options available, that even we find the choice mind boggling at times! Whatever your commercial or industrial requirements, one look at our website will show you just how extensive our range really is, but don't worry, we have a team of dedicated door and dock experts on hand to help guide you through each option, and help you decide which product or service will best suit your needs. And if you need a door or dock to be customized to ensure that it accurately matches your very specific requirements, then you have that option available to you, too.


When it comes to choosing a company for your self-storage door needs, we know that it can be a tough decision to make, but we promise that if you choose us, we will never let you down. We each take immense pride in offering our clients nonbiased and highly informed advice and guidance, and will be with you right from the moment that you select your chosen product, up until installation and well beyond.

How important is it to choose the right self-storage doors?

The reality is that the doors you choose to have installed at your self-storage facility, may well be the single most important decision you can make, and could make or break your popularity among potential clients.

What to look for when choosing for self-storage unit doors:

You'll need to carefully consider the following points when searching for the right doors for your self-storage unit:

  • Windload requirements for your area
  • How easy are they to have installed and maintained (with our service, installation worries are eliminated and we offer an extensive, budget friendly maintenance service, too)
  • Durability and strength
  • Paint application and warranty
  • Warranty specifics
  • Overall cost and quality

Let's look at durability a little more closely

Now a days, many companies and individuals are beginning to see the value in renting self- storage units on a more long-term basis, with many keeping their materials and supplies in them to avoid having to purchase or build new structures. Self-storage units with much heavier usage will be those used by commercial tenants, and so the units and the doors that keep the contents safe and sound, will need to be sturdy and durable.

If you have a self-storage facility that sees a high level of occupancy at all times of the year, then you'll want to purchase self-storage doors that have a longer warranty and require less maintenance, so that you can avoid high repair and maintenance further down the line. Cutting costs when it comes to purchasing self-storage doors, is, much like anything else, never a good idea. While you may of course save a little money initially when you purchase a cheaper or inferior product, you'll pay for that decision in years to come when you're forced to shell out for costly repairs or maintenance, and you'll soon regret your earlier decision to try and reduce costs.

Our self-storage doors

  • Swing doors – durable and secure, our self-storage swing doors offer a clean and consistent look and are available in a corrugated style or smooth, flush finish. Easy to install, they are specially designed for the self-storage industry and mesh roofs and swing doors can be added as an alternative to the roller door if required.
  • Roll up doors – durable and long-lasting, our metal roll-up doors are ideal for self-storage facilities

Some important features of our roll up self-storage doors

  • High durability paint is used
  • A tension adjuster permanently lubricates radial bearings
  • Doorstop channel to ensure a safe stop every time
  • Low density polyethylene edge wear guards locked to both track edges to protect against wear and tear
  • Curtain panels that are made of roll-formed galvanized steel that provides for high wind strength and minimum flexibility. Hydraulically pressed, crimped offset interlock that prevents panel separation during repeated use
  • Axle drums robotically welded to the axle for a smooth performance
  • Door mounting brackets made of 12-gauge G90 galvanized coated steel, incorporating a 14-gauge G90 galvanized steel door bracket adapter that helps locate the spring concentrically around the axle
  • Doorstops made of 12-gauge galvanized steel to guarantee a positive stopping action
  • Door curtain that is made using automated, state-of-the-art equipment, which ensures that the curtain is square and securely crimped together
  • Door tracks that are made from 18-gauge galvanized steel for additional panel clearance when the door is being closed, to help prevent damage
  • Dampening strips are applied to the backside of the door curtains to help protect the painted surface from damage and aid in smoother, quieter operation
  • Latch assembly made of corrosive resistant stainless steel that accommodates two shackled locks
  • Door handles that have smooth, rounded edges, one handle is provided for doors up to 6. ft wide and 2 are provided for doors over 6. ft in width
  • Door bottom made of weather resistant anodized aluminum which also helps to protect against corrosion
  • Rubber seal bulb seal that retains its shape and function indefinitely in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Felt material on drums

With our comprehensive selection of roll-up and swing self-storage unit doors in a variety of sizes, we can help ensure that customers choose you when it comes to storing their items, and have no need to go anywhere else for all their self-storage needs. With our promise to only ever give you honest, nonbiased and trustworthy advice and guidance when it comes to selecting any of the products or services in our extensive range, you will never need to worry about being fooled by a company who simply quotes materials to give you a cheap price, while neglecting to mention any other costs that may be associated with your purchase. Our highly skilled and professional door technicians and specialists will be by your side at every stage of the process, and will never leave you forced to second guess anything, from price to delivery and installation date. To know more, give us a call, today.