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Self storage door / Commercial Mini storage

We supply and install both swing doors, and roll up doors for Self storage/Mini storage . We are committed to offering the best roll up doors that provide safety, security, and convenience for our customers.The mini storage [ self storage] market is continuously growing and with the economy on the rise more individuals and businesses are seeking out space for their extra equipment and valuables. Investors looking to get involved in the mini storage business, contractors, and land owners can benefit from this constant need for storage in TX. Door and dock solutions will not sacrifice quality under any circumstances. That’s why our mini doors/ self storage doors come with the highest quality standard features that make it the superior choice: a proprietary gear driven tensioning bracket for safe and easy adjustments, a rust resistant aluminum bottom bar to protect against the elements and a stainless steel latch to ensure durability and security.

Self Storage building conversions are becoming more popular especially in today’s rapidly changing economy. They are usually the less expensive route and can be converted quickly with the right building specifications. Conversions often reduce the time it takes to get your self storage business up and running. Mini storage/ self storage door units use roll up doors to maximize the rentable storage space within the self storage unit. Roll up doors do not have overhead tracks, which allow for more usable space when stacking items in the unit. Our doors are available in a variety of colors. Our self storage roll up door is designed and manufactured with durability, quick installation, ease of maintenance in mind We have both roll up and swing style models that are easy to install, use and maintain. Our doors are manufactured with an aluminum bottom bar so they will remain rust resistant. Our self-storage doors are manufactured with hard, grade E steel, ensuring strength and durability.

The latch keeps the self storage door closed and the storage unit’s content safe. Our stainless steel latches and bolts provide additional strength, security and durability.We carry an extensive line of affordable Mini Warehouse door locks, mini storage locks, latches and handles. Use the parts to replace a broken or missing lock or locker. Our latches provide security and dependability at an affordable price. We uses only oil tempered torsion type springs for its doors. Coordinating the design of a roll up door with the proper spring assembly ensures longer and more durable use with minimal maintenance. self storage doors and Interior hallway System are designed specifically to meet the unique demands of the self storage industry.

Commercial mini roll up/ Self storage doors are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, to complement virtually any building. These doors are Interior hallway system is a complete, pre engineered system for climate controlled, interior storage units. Built for durability it is ideal for new construction or retrofit applications. We are the first choice in Houston’s need for self storage door and have a very strong focus on customer service.

Self storage seals Rolling steel curtain door seals

Our brush door seal that retains its shape in the most extreme of temperatures. Brush seals are the only weather stripping that is able to seal the irregular surface of the corrugated rolling curtain doors used for self storage units.

Advantage of brush seals

Stops pests, critters, and birds from getting into the storage unit
Blocks dust and dirt

Swing doors

Our durable and secure steel swing doors provide a clean, consistent look for self-storage corridors and come in a corrugated style or a smooth, flush finish. They are easily installed, with no sharp edges and will endure years of heavy use. Our Swing doors are specially developed for the self storage market and open to 180 degrees so they rest flat against the hallway and required minimal maintenance. The partition sections, as is the roller door, are made of corrugated sheet metal. Mesh roofs and swing doors are additional options as an alternative to the roller door

Roll up door

Built to last and operate smoothly, Door and dock solution’s metal roll-up doors are perfect for self storage facilities, mini warehouses

Ease of operation and Maintenance :

Doors glide smoothly up and down with each use? Or will they stick making it difficult (or impossible) to open? Will the door rise rapidly yanking the customer’s hand above their head, or worse… will it fall on an unsuspecting tenant creating a potential injury or at a minimum generating a guaranteed customer service disaster? Tracks, guards and most of all springs must be in top condition for the door to function properly. To cut down on door noise it’s a good idea to have foam or felt strips on the back of the doors as well. The felt strips not only increase quietness, but prevent damage to the door’s paint finish, too.

Features of Roll up self storage doors

  • High durability Paint
  • Tension adjuster  permanently lubricated radial bearings
  • Doorstop channel  to ensure a safe stop every time
  • Low density polyethylene edge wear guards locked to both track edges to protect against door wear and damage
  • Curtain panels made of roll-formed galvanized steel that provides for high-wind strength and minimum flex. Hydraulically pressed, crimped offset interlock that prevents panel separation during repeated use
  • Axle drums robotically welded to axle to ensure smooth operation. Exposed axle ends and springs are painted with a zinc primer to protect against rusting
  • Door mounting brackets  made of 12-gauge G90 galvanized coated steel, incorporating a 14 gauge G90 galvanized steel door bracket Adapter that helps locate the spring concentrically around the axle and also provides an additional bearing surface for the axle to ride on to prevent excessive axle wear
  • Doorstops  made of 12 gauge galvanized steel to ensure a positive stop
  • Door curtain  fabricated on automated state of the art equipment that ensures curtain is square and securely crimped together
  • Door tracks 18 gauge G90 galvanized steel provides additional panel clearance when door is being closed to prevent door curtain damage
  • Dampening strips  felt strips are applied to the backside of door curtains to protect the painted surface from damage and aid in smooth quiet operation
  • Latch assembly  made of corrosive resistant stainless steel that accommodates two shackled locks. Locks furnished by the customer. Cylinder latches available upon request
  • Door handles  fabricated with smooth rounded edges. 1 handle provided on doors up to 6 ft. wide and 2 handles on doors over 6 ft. in width
  • Door bottom  made of anodized aluminum for resistance to weather and corrosion. Reinforced for added strength by a G90 galvanized 50ksi steel door stop channel
  • Rubber seal  bulb type seal retains its shape and sealing ability indefinitely down to -10º F
  • Felt material on drums

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