Rolling Shutter

Check out our fantastic range of economic and highly functional rolling shutters for your commercial or industrial needs

Nothing makes the team at Door and Dock Solutions prouder than the knowledge that we have been continually providing an unbeatable service for our customers for more than twenty years, and with our range of products growing every month, we will continue to provide our outstanding level of service to the people of Houston and beyond, for many more years to come, of that we're sure!


So, if you're in the Houston area of Texas and are looking for a company that can provide you with an extensive range of commercial and industrial door and dock solutions to suit a variety of applications, then we guarantee to have the products you need. We take immense pride in offering our clients only the very best quality products at prices we know are competitive, and we firmly believe that once you've spoken to our dedicated team of specialists and technicians, you'll be satisfied that you've chosen the right company for all your door and dock needs.

From sectional doors, partition doors, telescoping and pedestrian doors, counter and rolling shutters (to name but a few), our range of products are unbeatable. Whether you require customized solutions for security or temperature control, or simply need a sturdy, affordable door that will protect your business for many years to come, our rolling shutters will give you exactly the level of functionality and efficiency that you require. As leaders in our field, our door designs are guaranteed to meet your needs, no matter how obscure, unconventional or specialized, and conform to the strictest of health and safety regulations.

What are some of the benefits of rolling shutters?

A fantastically effective way of protecting a property from the elements and threat of intrusion, whether it's your home or business, our rolling shutter doors are always a sound investment. Rain, wind and snow are unable to permeate the rolling shutter door, while burglars and vandals will be unable to gain unlawful entry, no matter range of tools and techniques they have at their disposal.

Below are some more advantages of rolling shutters:

Adjustable lock strike

This enables the rolling shutters to accommodate various levels of flooring, from carpeting to floor tiles and virtually any finished surface. They can be adjusted even after the flooring is completed.

Heavy duty bottom bar/construction

Using only the strongest, most durable extruded aluminum bottom bars, our rolling shutters are highly dependable.

Roll up grille operation

When manually operated, the shutter can be opened by simply lifting the handle on the bottom bar by means of a helical torsion spring.

When chain operated, the shutter can be mechanically lifted through the use of an endless chain, sprocket and reduction gear.

When motor operated, the shutter automatically opens and closes at the push of a button. In the event of a power outage, it can be operated manually.

Remote control operated

Choose to automatically open and close the rolling shutters with the use of a remote control. Each transmitter is coded for added security, and the control works at distances of up to 26 meters, it can also be manually operated in the event of a power outage.

Useful for a wide range of applications, rolling shutters can be used for

  • Commercial or private garages
  • Schools
  • Correctional facilities
  • Vans
  • Kitchens
  • Warehouses

Some countries even offer governmental subsidies for the installation of rolling shutters, as part of their security benefit schemes.

If your commercial or industrial premises are in an area that frequently experiences extreme weather conditions, or high levels of crime, then rolling shutters provide excellent protection and heat insulation.

Below are some of the different types of rolling shutters available:

Insulated rolling shutters

As it is with many of our customers, energy conservation and protection against harsh weather conditions are a priority, and if you want to achieve the ultimate in thermal protection, our insulated rolling shutters will be the ideal, highly effective choice. Additionally, insulated rolling shutters also offer a certain degree of protection from extreme noise and sound pollution, not to mention unlawful activities, such as breaking and entering, theft and vandalism.

Below are some of the industries that would benefit from insulated rolling shutters:

  • Warehouses
  • Commercial or private garages
  • Spray paint booths
  • Storage facilities
  • Factories
  • Car ports

To find out more about our range of insulated rolling shutters, schedule a consultation with one of our expert door technicians, or simply call up a member of our advisory team, who will be happy to guide you.

Security rolling shutters

Our range of security rolling shutters are suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, and can be bought in either aluminum or steel varieties. Offering a high level of protection against property damage, vandalism and acting as an unsurpassable deterrent for burglars, security rolling shutters are ideal for any site seeking to maintain a good record of security.

Offering wall to wall protection, our security rolling shutters can be fitted electronically to make them easier to operate and more economical when being rolled up or down. Such a powerful deterrent for criminals and intruders, if your building has security rolling shutters professionally installed, you're far less likely to be targeted by anyone trying to gain unlawful entry, and if they do decide to give it a go and try to get inside, they'll find it extremely difficult and their efforts will be severely hampered by the shutters. To this end, security rolling shutters are very effective in industries such as:

  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Garages
  • Warehouses

Fire rated rolling shutters

Combining fire integrity and heat protection to provide many buildings and facilities with the ultimate level of protection against fire, our fire rated rolling shutters are a fantastic addition when a temperature rise rating is required by law. Designed to protect the interior and exterior of an opening from flammable or combustible materials, these shutters are heat and flame resistant and suitable for use in both retail and industrial premises following industries, especially if that particular area has been designated as a means of escape.

If our vast array of rolling shutters is bewildering you a little, then please do call us up to know more about each particular type, and to help you decide which would be best for your requirements; we're here to help, whenever you might need us.