Rolling Steel Door Repair Houston

Rolling Steel Door Repair Houston

Commercial Overhead Door Repair Houston

Door and dock solutions is a Houston, Texas-based company founded on a simple principle: delivering the best products and providing our customers with the highest level of service. For over 30 years, we’ve remained one of the most successful names in commercial products like overhead doors, security grilles, roll-up doors, loading dock equipment, dock seals, dock shelters, dock bumpers, Automated gates and access solutions. Our team of Master Technicians know how to operate your equipment or install our products with ease. Your business depends on its Commercial doors and industrial doors, Loading docks, gates, and access solutions, we aim to help you use them more effectively and efficiently in Houston and surrounding areas.

Rolling Steel Door Repair

It can be frustrating to keep up with maintenance, but it’s Vital. If you’re like most business owners, you would rather keep handling the day-to-day of your business rather than scheduling a commercial door repairs appointment, especially when it seems overwhelming and complicated. You see, when it comes to your bottom line, we do all we can to protect it: no price gouging or overpriced products and services. In fact, we have significantly lower overhead than our local competitors, which means your business gets to benefit from the cost savings on our expert services, we like to keep things affordable and easily-accessible for our valued clients for best service and fast installation.

Commercial garage door services and new installation

Every business owner knows that maintenance and regular service for commercial doors are essentials, Schedule them in because it seems like too much of a hassle free performance. That’s where we come in. We will provide the maintenance to keep all of your doors in tip-top shape while you continue to handle the day-to-day operations of your business. If you are in need of expert repair services to fix your commercial doors, we at door and dock solutions can help. We have been servicing doors and providing maintenance solutions for various commercial establishments for over 25 years now in the business.

Commercial garage doors play a key role in ensuring the safety of the materials housed in your warehouse. The smooth functioning of warehousing related tasks depends upon easy access to the things that make your business work smoothly. A properly functioning commercial garage door means ease of access to the things that make your business run as it should. Although commercial garage doors can malfunction due to improper use or lack of maintenance, certain maintenance tips can help prolong their life and ensure seamless performance and top notch service.

Commercial garage door repair

Overhead door system are generally steel doors or aluminum doors components with varying materials and methods of manufacture. However, certain types of overhead doors may have to be fabricated from other materials such as plastic or fiberglass, Vinyl, Rubber and their corresponding coatings. Garage doors aren’t all that complicated in the grand scheme of things. They’re composed of a handful of interconnected parts that perform simple functions on most types of garage doors. We alsoinstall security doors are engineered to make your facility more productive. Increase security with these durable, special purpose doors, and eliminate threats at your facility.

Types of commercial industrial doors

  • Sectional doors [ insulated and non-insulated]
  • Aluminum glass overhead door
  • Coiling door [ Roll up door]
  • High performance door
  • High cycle door
  • High speed metal door
  • High speed fabric door
  • Rubber door
  • Counter doors and counter shutters
  • Fire rated door
  • Wind loaded door
  • Security shutter door

Same day service

Don't wait for days or weeks to get your overhead door working again. At Door and Dock Solutions., we offer same-day repair services, saving you time and money and allowing you to get back to work as soon as possible, with one call. Our garage door repair technicians are the best in the business, able to replace and repair any malfunctioning systems with ease. We offer a wide range of affordable services that can be customized to meet your specific needs. If you find yourself with a broken garage door, our technicians can completely replace it, offering convenient and reliable installation options using quality parts, best customer service and satisfaction.

  • Industrial Door Repair
  • Overhead Door Repairs
  • Fire Door Drop Tests
  • Security Door Repairs
  • Customized new door Installations

Door service technicians

The door service industry is booming as more and more people see the value in having a reliable garage door service company on their side. You may be wondering why you should care as a commercial door service technecians. You could choose to pursue an accredited training program or, if you already have some experience, you could set up your own certification program


Overhead commercial door installation

We install everything we sell which is a ton, including all types of commercial doors, industrial doors, sheet doors and loading docks. Need an interior door? We can help. Need an exterior door? We can help with that too, plus a handle or two. What about rolling doors and dock seals? Yep, we got that covered too. Our overhead door installers are trained, certified, experienced and fast, efficient and crisp we can get the job done right the first time and it will cost you less than if you hired one of our competitors due to our lower overhead costs.

Because itʼs important for you to do business with people you trust, our local offices and technecians are committed to delivering you the dependable expertise youʼve come to rely on. As an industry-leaders in products and solutions, we help businesses like yours all over Texas install and maintain their doors, docks and access solutions. As a regional local company, we are equipped to meet all of your needs and handle any job same day service, large or small. Whether youʼre looking for a maintenance plan or an overhaul of your existing system, we can help roll out the right solution according to your needs.

Commercial operators and Accessories

Our industrial door features simplify access control integration and enable the rapid installation of virtually any type of electric door operator and accessories. Open all your doors with ease, no matter what they’re made of. With the broadest line of commercial and industrial electric operators in the industry, you have a choice of features that fit your unique application for hassle-free performance. We offer the industry’s broadest line of electric, automatic door openers to suit new construction and retrofit applications, as well as unusual or special requirements and opener repair.

24/7 Emergency overhead door repair and excellent service

Whether you need to repair or service a dock door, access door, or main service entrance, overhead doors are an important component to the safety and security requirements of your business. Overhead doors are available in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and fire ratings. The most common type is the steel overhead door. This is a great choice when fire rating is a concern. Overhead doors are available in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and fire ratings. The most common type is the steel overhead door. This is a great choice when fire rating is a concern.

It’s easy for businesses to overlook the maintenance needs associated with doors. But for a door to operate under the highest safety standards and keep a building secure, regular maintenance is critical. The frequency of your door inspection depends on the type of equipment installed, weather conditions, and your location.

We’ve been helping tens of thousands of commercial enterprises with door repairs from Houston businesses to schools to hospitals. We’re proud to help maintain commercial door security. After all, exterior doors take a beating from heavy usage, Rain, Hurricane and even break-ins. Some damaged doors are security risks that need replacement. Many others, however, can be rehung with a full-length Roton hinge, and repaired with protective metal plates and latch guards.

We are committed to serving our customers with security products that meet building code requirements, increase your facility’s safety standards, and add value to your property. We built our reputation by providing dependable retrofit service and supplying reliable, heavy-duty security door hardware products. Most of our new customers come from referrals. Call 832 - 232 - 9150 to have one of our estimators recommend security solutions. If you have a damaged door or a broken door, we can help with emergency service. ur crews are available 24/7 to get your doors working when you need them.

Most Common Commercial overhead door Issues

It’s important that your commercial garage door is in proper condition. At the very least, it should be regularly maintained and serviced by a professional company.

The common issues that affect commercial garage doors in Texas are detailed below

Worn or damaged rollers

Worn or damaged rollers can leave your door unable to move, or worse, in disrepair. Aim to keep your rollers and their tracks free from debris consistently and frequently inspect for wear and tear. If you identify a worn roller, consult with a garage door repair pro for service.If you identify a worn roller, you should consult with a garage door repair professional for service.

Damaged door tracks

Keeping a business’s door tracks in good working order is vital for maintaining safe and secure access to and from a facility. Tracks are usually made from either steel or aluminum. The advantages of steel tracks include a lower weight, better energy absorption during collisions, and greater flexibility. Aluminum tracks have a steeper initial cost than steel tracks but they are roughly half the weight, which reduces wear and tear on hinges and bottom seals, increases the lifespan of the door, can help reduce sound transmission, and lowers installation costs associated with adding reinforcement products with steel tracks.

To spot whether your garage door track system needs repairing, look closely for gaps between the rollers and railing as this could show evidence of damaged tracks. Most commercial doors run on metal tracks that guide the door as it opens and closes. If these tracks become warped, damaged, or misaligned, the door won’t function properly. In addition, the damage will get worse over time and may eventually cause the tracks to buckle.

Improper Alignment

A commercial door that’s not aligned properly can constitute a big security risk for your employs. Visually inspect for gaps between the rails, bent, or curved metal. If you spot them, you’ll want to reach out to a commercial garage door specialist for repairs. If you’re having a difficult time opening or closing your door, you may have alignment issues. You can check the alignment yourself by inspecting the horizontal tracks.


Although steel garage doors can last for years with proper maintenance, rusting can ruin the door's appearance and performance and reduce its lifespan. It's important to spot the signs of rust and address them immediately to avoid bigger problems, especially when you have a steel garage door. It is important to address this issue as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage.


If you are having trouble opening and closing your garage door, a loss of power may be the culprit. Heavy commercial doors in particular require a large amount of power to function the right way. A door service technician can diagnose this issue and get your door working again. For commercial doors, they need enough power to work correctly. If you suspect a power problem, it’s best to call a technician in.

Wrap Up

Your commercial garage door is likely one of the most-used and hardest-working parts of your business. Investing in its maintenance will help it last for years to come. If you are unable to inspect and repair your commercial rolling door, contact us. Our skilled service professionals are equipped to fix all garage door issues and will get your door back on track fast.

Weather seals

The Water/Air Seals are used as a closing joint between the bottom part of the metal garage door and the concrete floor. Without this seal, water could leak under the metal garage door and damage your field, or it can even cause interior structural damage to your building Water leaking under the commercial garage roller door is a common problem that can damage your garage and the material housed in your warehouse. That is why it is essential to check weather seals of your garage door, especially during rain and storm . If water is leaking, replace the bottom rubber seal on the metal commercial garage door. It will help you restore the water resistance property of a garage door and help you to prevent the interior of your garage from extreme weather water damage.

Worn or damaged Torsion Spring and Cables

The size and weight of torsion springs used on commercial and industrial overhead doors are determined by a number of factors, including the door size, the door weight and how it was installed. In addition to these factors, two other aspects will determine the size required for your spring: the type of material it is made from and its breaking force. Industrial torsion springs have the advantage over other types of swinging doors such as horizontal-lift systems and vertical-lift systems in that they are often easier to install and maintain.

Types of Springs

Commercial and industrial overhead door systems are frequently used in industrial and commercial settings to increase accessibility to spaces. Commercial and industrial overhead door systems include doors that are vertical-lift or high-lift. Vertical-lift or high-lift door systems are mounted on a tower, which has one end with an anchor point (usually a spring) connected to the spring anchor at the other end. High lift is used when space is so tight that the lift bracket must be installed onto a wall of a building, such as in parking structures and warehouses.

When high lift is used, torsion springs are mounted near the bottom of the spring anchor which allows for maximum leverage on the door, similar to a winch. The torsion springs must be replaced at least once every 2 years to keep them from twisting and eventually failing.

While torsion springs can increase space accessibility, they decrease safety closing times because they can cause doors to open unexpectedly when raised by an operator or when misaligned with their support brackets (or even when mounted improperly).

A simple solution for avoiding these types of problems is to install a large capacity spacer between the torsion spring bracket and its support brackets. This spacer will accommodate any misalignment between the spring bracket’s support bracket and its anchor bracket along with any misalignment between more than 1/2″ in either direction outside of this area.

Your commercial garage door system operates via a system composed of torsion springs and cables. In case either of these mechanisms stop operating as they should, your commercial garage door may fail to close or open.

To ensure the commercial garage door’s optimum performance, cables and springs require regular maintenance services in case the springs break down. Since your commercial garage door is made of many different parts and systems, it’s best to only have technicians and experts work on it.

Torsion springs counterbalance the weight of overhead doors, allowing them to open and close with ease. Without a properly functioning torsion spring, your operator wouldn’t be able to lift the door off the ground. A standard torsion spring is rated at about 10,000 cycles, so busy commercial operations often see their torsion springs wear out after only a few years.

If a torsion spring fails, it will put your overhead door out of commission. What’s more, a sudden breakdown can have dire consequences, as it can cause the overhead door to come crashing down. Squeaking in the torsion spring is a sure sign that it needs to either be lubricated or replaced. These tasks should always be left to an overhead door professional. Torsion springs are under extremely high pressure and shouldn’t be handled by anyone who isn’t an expert in overhead door systems.

Put our years of experience in the commercial industry experts work for you. Our certified and trained service experts have years of experience working in a variety of commercial and industrial doors in the region, ranging from local storefronts to large production plants, firehouses and restaurant fronts. we will strive to ensure a positive experience every step of the way. We offer only the highest quality products and services, delivered in a professional and timely manner. For sales, service, repair and installations call us Phone: 832 232 9150.