Bollards Security Gates Houston

Bollards Security Gates Houston

Our concrete, steel, and movable parking bollards are an effective means of protecting structures on your property, the perimeter, and/or building entrances.


Our bollards can serve as an attractive security barrier for schools, banks, military bases, shopping malls, and apartment complexes, as well as any other commercial and retail location.

What is a bollard?

A bollard is a short post that guides traffic, deters vehicle intrusions, and protects people and structures. Bollards act as visual guides, reminding drivers to drive safely and responsibly in certain areas. When installed for security, bollards also block vehicle impacts. Many bollards also have decorative elements that complement building and landscape designs.

Traffic and Safety Bollards

Traffic and Safety Bollards in many sizes and styles. Bollards essential for safer parking lots, roads and perimeter protection. We carry a wide assortment of bollards made from a variety of sturdy materials: recycled plastic, steel, and concrete as well as stainless steel bollard pipe guards. One of our most popular bollard products are the bollard covers which come in high visibility colors like red and yellow to protect and reduce maintenance on older concrete and steel bollards that might be harder to replace. Bollards are one of the best options for keeping pedestrians and building elements safe while directing the flow of traffic.

Bollard products and applications

Bollards are often used for added curb protection to prevent vehicles from entering unauthorized areas. Bollard posts protect pedestrians and architectural elements by providing a visible barrier for sensitive areas. It is common to see a series of parking bollards out in front of important buildings with high traffic or in road areas where pedestrians need to stop while waiting for traffic. Depending on their use, your choice of bollard will vary. In some cases, where protection is most crucial, they may be made of steel or concrete. In other cases, they are made of highly flexible recycled plastic material which are meant to bend rather than break if struck by motor vehicles.

Building, landscape and ornamentation bollards

Decorative bollards improve the visual quality of buildings and landscapes. Choose from a range of styles, including premium ornamental cast designs made from ductile iron or aluminum—to suit any historical or contemporary aesthetic. Decorative bollards reinforce separation and cohesion in landscape designs while increasing safety and walk ability for pedestrians. When used to complement new or existing architecture, bollards reinforce thematic visual cues and enhance a sense of place within a neighborhood or community and for approaching visitors.

Traffic guidance bollards

Traffic bollards establish important visual cues for drivers helping create more stimulating environments for safe and responsible driving. Bollards stand at an optimal height for driver visibility while maintaining clear sight lines and pedestrian flow where needed. Simple, bolt down bollards can be used to complement new or existing traffic management devices including signage, road barriers, curbs, speed bumps and crosswalks. Bollards also provide visual indicators around sensitive areas such as exposed building areas, utility boxes, parking attendant booths or pedestrian walkways. When used in dense urban areas, bollards segment bike lanes and pedestrian walkways to ensure safety for all modes of transportation. For parking areas and restricted access roads, bollards can be installed with versatile mountings to allow temporary or seasonal access.

Protection bollards

Bollards present clear, visible barriers for off limit or sensitive areas. Steel-pipe security posts are made from structural grade steel and can be reinforced with concrete to withstand high-impact vehicle collisions. Use security bollards on their own as stand-alone posts or to reinforce decorative bollards. Stand-alone security posts can be covered with cost-effective plastic sleeves to ensure protection from corrosion and to maximize visibility. Steel-pipe bollards are ideal in pedestrian areas such as building entrances, transit hubs or parking lot walkways. They are ideal for areas with vulnerable populations senior citizens, young children or people with disabilities. Security posts also protect vulnerable building areas from deliberate ram-raid thefts.

Access control bollards

When installed with customize able mountings, bollards control access to sensitive or restricted areas. Choose from a range of styles and mounting types to accommodate any application:

  • Removable mountings offer convenient access and minimal obstruction.
  • Retractable bollards require no additional storage and can be operated with a single key-locking mechanism housed internally.
  • Collapsible bollards allow for quick adjustments and require no additional storage.
  • Specialized applications

Electrical Vehicle Charging Station, Surface Mount bollards

Robust design made of galvanized steel to provide strength and resistance to harsh weather. It has a [ N.E.M.A 4X] enclosure that allows for outdoor installation and ensures safe charging in rain, sleet, snow, hail and heat. The station is a pull-up and plug-in EV charging system that incorporates strength, durability, and electric car charging all in one unit.

Flexible bollards are designed to withstand vehicle impacts—bending up to 90 degrees without compromising their original shape or upright position. They ensure minimal damage to vehicles, making them ideal for locations where collisions may be expected or unavoidable. Flexible bollards can be installed with fixed or removable mounting types.

Light bollards are ideal for lighting open areas and pathways. They feature L.E.D lighting heads powered entirely by solar cells requiring no hard wiring or trenching. Intelligent energy management systems take into account available sunlight and seasonal weather patterns to conserve energy and maximize output at desired times.

Bike parking bollards offer the decorative appeal of standard and ornamental bollard designs while also providing a means for convenient bicycle storage. They require only a single installation point and can be equipped with removable mountings for seasonal accommodation.

Protective Dome Cover for bollards prevents accidents and injuries caused by tripping over raised bolts

#Steel corner Rack and machine guard#

Steel corner rack and machine guard are constructed of heavy gauge steel machine guards and yellow powder coat finish with black stripes and "Safety First" message for high visibility and for long lasting durability. Safety guards

Portable bollards

Portable bollards are used for directing traffic Or marking temporary hazards, reserved parking spots, pedestrian walkways etc.

Flexible bollards and posts

Flexible bollards and posts Are " visually Sturdy Yet Flex On Impact To Allow Temporary Protection And Safety " For Vehicles, Structures And Pedestrians. Flexible Bollards And Posts are manufactured of sturdy polyethylene for long lasting durability and dependability. Lightweight posts feature unique magnetic mounting system to secure quickly in place and are virtually impossible to remove without special tools. Able to withstand a 15 MPH impact and post springs back to original upright position without the base shifting. Suitable for use on sidewalks, parking lots, factory floors, loading docks, concourses and more. Removable receiver for bendable core drilled bollard also available.

Bollard Accessories

Hide unsightly bolts and hardware On bollards : To maintain an attractive appearance. Plastic Caps for Bollards : Snap over the top of anchor bolts and washers to protect them from weathering.