Safety Guard Rail Houston

Safety Guard Rail Houston

Whether protecting your buildings and equipment outside or protecting walls and equipment inside a warehouse, guardrail provides an effective way to protect your ssets.Available in custom heights and lengthsOur guardrail is made from schedule 40 pipe and sleeved in HDPE plastic, giving it the ability to withstand multiple impacts from a 12,000lb forklift. While the Goal Posts are made of 6" steel posts and 4" schedule 40 steel pipe cross bar, all of which is sleeved in our HDPE plastic.


Which brings strength and versatility to dock door and forklift entry way protection. Barrier system is used for pedestrian control in warehouses and factories. Protects personnel, machinery and more to help solve barrier protection issues. Rails and posts are made strong using 11 gauge tubular steel with a high visibility yellow powder coat finish.

Avoid costly downtime and unnecessary repairs. Our guardrail barriers control, define and protect important areas in your warehouse. Built from the best quality materials, our guardrail barriers are strong, adaptable and – when properly installed – engineered to withstand a 10,000-lb impact at 4 mph. That means the people and equipment on your shop floor will remain protected from traffic accidents and other hazards.

Use heavy-duty guardrail to safeguard conveyor systems, manufacturing equipment, electrical panels, computer stations, staircases and walkways, in-plant offices, first aid and restroom areas, or anywhere else crash protection is required. Heavy-duty guardrail barriers are available in a variety of lengths with single and double-rail options. Safety yellow powder-coated paint finish for maximum visibility.