Safety Standards

Safety standards

Leading the way through these eras of energy and environmental concerns has been our company, Door and Dock Solutions priority and focus. We strongly support the idea of green thinking and working and we also celebrate those who acknowledge their part in these green revolutions.


We strongly support community development and think globally about how to minimize our waste. We are always looking for ways to make the most good per-unit in all of our offerings, including energy savings. We’re here to help you find more sustainably made products and spread the word on how you can conserve energy in your business. As a result, we put in a lot of effort. It is the earnest desire to conduct its operations with the utmost regard for the safety and health.

Anyone involved in the selection or specification of equipment for commercial buildings is going to have to be familiar with the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC 2009), which is a document coordinated between government and industry. It sets energy efficiency requirements for new construction and certain types of renovations in the United States that have been adopted by some states. There are IECC compliance symbols used that everyone on your team should be familiar with.

You must comply with the IECC in commercial buildings and in new construction and alterations of existing buildings. The IECC program is responsible for the development and implementation of energy standards for buildings in the United States that ensures that buildings are constructed in ways that conserve resources and protect the environment.

Energy savings and energy efficiency have become focal points in commercial buildings. The prospect of accumulating LEEDS points has also become a major factor in building design within the architectural community. Because of these factors, IECC compliance is becoming more important in commercial building specifications and will continue to grow in the near future for employees and the public.

In 2000, the International Code Council [ICC] adopted the IECC to replace the National Building Code [NBC], the BOCA National Building Code [BOCA], and portions of the Uniform Mechanical Code [UMC] and Uniform Plumbing Code [UPC]. The IECC is a model code that consists of minimum standards for building safety and energy efficiency in single and multifamily dwellings and small commercial buildings.

The code is based on national consensus standards and provisions published by the American National Standards Institute [ANSI], American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers [ASHRAE], Illuminating Engineering Society of North America [IESNA], International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials [IAP]

We seek to be the employer of choice in our markets for talented professionals who regularly demonstrate their commitment to health and safety by seeking opportunities for personal development that help us improve our health and safety performance.

We are committed to protecting employees, contractors, visitors and community health and safety by continually improving our health and safety performance. We operate in the safest possible manner through compliance with applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements.

Employees' collective efforts are essential to meet this goal. Consistent with this, we strive to exceed the requirements of national, state and local regulations, and standards, which protect the environment.

Recycling Programs

Door and Dock Solutions is a proud steward of its environment. We are committed to implementing all best practices for waste reduction in order to lessen our carbon footprint. We focus on reducing our waste internally. We have recycling programs in place to reduce our paper, cardboard, and steel waste.

We have dedicated bins for our sections, steel and re-use bins as well. Re-using is also important here at Door and Dock Solutions. We have large steel drums that are collected by recycling companies. Our steel is recycled into rebar for building projects. All office staff have recycling bins to recycle any paper that is no longer required.

The impacts of global warming are increasing each and every year, so we realized it was time to reduce our carbon footprint. We decided to try and offset some of our emissions by supporting a great cause. Our offset provider is ' Cool Earth '. They help you to calculate your overall carbon footprint then create projects that help neutralize your emissions.

Installation and Service Safety

Over the years, Door and Dock Solutions has established a strong commitment to our partners and customers to deliver safe installations and services. We are more committed than ever to our shared responsibility to install and maintain the safest products possible.

* Dedication to Support

We offer life time product support including: comprehensive onsite training, freight coordination, technical services, part replacements, and warranty fulfillment.

Door and Dock Solutions first instituted an Occupational Health and Safety Committee in 2020. Our 2021 strategic plan includes aggressive growth as well as further development of our market strategy. We know that these goals will require us to balance our core values innovation, entrepreneurship, teamwork with the well-being and safety of our workforce.

Protecting our employees and customers from injury is a critical element of being a responsible member of the community; it's also an important part of operating efficiently. Our focus on health and safety at Door Dock Solutions is a direct result of the care, concern and commitment demonstrated by all our employees, contractors and customers.

This committee will serve as an overall framework that reinforces the importance of the safety-first philosophy through continual improvement. The committee will also help to identify partnerships that advance the company's overall safety vision.

The committee also brings together teams across Door and Dock Solutions and external talent where needed to elevate awareness and reporting of, and accountability for, safety issues within the company, further improving enterprise-wide safety. Other measures Door and Dock Solutions has taken based on recommendations from it leadership team include:

  • Development and implementation of safe work procedures, field level safety assessments, and standardized technician-training programs.
  • Enhancing the Corporate Environmental Health and Safety Program to expand the role and reach of the safety management team to reinforce Door and Dock Solutions long-standing safety culture.
  • Collaborating with manufacturers, and other stakeholders, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers by continuing to anticipate the needs of future end users and industry.
  • Deploying and expanding a comprehensive safety management system to standardize safety policy and objectives, share best practices, manage risk, assess performance, increase visibility and further strengthen the company's safety culture.
  • Launching an anonymous reporting system to encourage employees to bring forward potential safety issues that will be reviewed by the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees as well as the Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Committee.
  • Empowering and encouraging its technicians to report all incidents including near miss events, injury events, and hazardous conditions to immediately address areas of unforeseen risk or gaps in the safety management system.

The culture of safe work practices has long been an important part of Door and Dock Solutions corporate DNA. Safe work environments are essential to ensure our technicians are able to perform their jobs efficiently, effectively, and safely, the latter being most paramount.

The services of our installation and service technicians are critical to our ability to protect the environment, provide safety, support process safety initiatives, enhance employee comfort, and maintain building thermal stability. To ensure that our efforts are aligned with the goals of our customers. However, we know that safety improvement is a constant endeavor.

A critical aspect of being successful in an environment that demands competitive advantage is the ability to minimize the cost of quality. Our company’s quality program helps us live our statement “Doing More with Less.” The only way we can continue to provide the highest quality products and services at competitive prices is to work together; leaders, supervisors, and employees. we’re committed to meeting those challenges and seizing those opportunities innovations, new acquisitions and other growth strategies while always keeping focus on the importance of safety.

We continue to identify gaps and measure progress using standard approaches, ensure our internal compliance requirements exceed those set by government regulations, inform employees when they are working in a high-hazard area, and educate them on steps to avoid injuries

Other Efforts

Door and Dock Solutions continues to implement new ways of reducing our carbon footprint. This includes digital dispatching, remote work where applicable. We are always looking for new ways to continue these efforts and will be the leader in our industry when it comes to the environment. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established goals against which we measure our performance. We aim to eliminate all workplace injuries by promoting an environment in which all employees go home as safe as when they came to work.

We train and educate our employees to ensure compliance with our policies, standards and management systems. EH&S is led by senior leadership and implemented by line management. Every employee is empowered under the company's policies and procedures to stop work to address at-risk conditions without the threat of retaliation.

What is EH&S?

EHS stands for Environment, Health & Safety. Environment is the natural world around you and in the context of compliance, the “E” of EHS indicates the regulations that are designed to protect the environment. The “S” refers to regulations intended to protect the safety of employees on worksites and the “H” is the health of employees. Often H and S are merged together and regulated by the same agency, whereas, the E is regulated by a specific environmental agency.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our internal safety service teams are instrumental to ensuring that all projects performed involve proper implementation of safety procedures, designed with safety in mind by resolving critical site issues and coordinating services for maximum safety and efficiency. These individuals travel across the places and face various challenges and local conditions, but they never hesitate to take on any project that comes their way. They always do their best to overcome adversity.

Our team assures that our work is completed safely and efficiently. We set and maintain high standards for ourselves and help to ensure those around us do as well. We provide timely continuous training so we can challenge those around us to practice safety. There’s only one way to work here. SAFE! Our team maintains safety throughout all jobs by using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), strict SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and leading by example. We take pride in our work and in our ability to challenge others.

Door and Dock Solutions is committed to providing a safe and healthy place to work for all employees while complying with all occupational health and safety acts, regulations, and codes. We expect each employee to demonstrate full responsibility by acting in a safe manner at all times with the interest of public safety in mind. It is essential that we provide a safe working environment in which they can perform their duties without fear of injury or death from workplace hazards.

It is an absolute priority that we continue to foster a culture where people feel free and encouraged to speak up and raise concerns that they may have about the safety and quality within their environment. We strongly believe that any identified issue (past or present) should be immediately and thoroughly investigated and addressed.

Door and Dock Solutions is committed to providing a safe environment in the workplace for its employees at all times, in accordance with the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety . A comprehensive program has been implemented by the Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Committee, to ensure compliance with this mandate, including a safety committee review process. Our health and safety program is also supported by a team of health and safety educators, who ensure employee awareness.

Our dedication to safety is the reason why we have an Occupational Health and Safety Committee that meets monthly. They review all accident reports from each operation within a sixty-day period and develop a "Shared Learning" from every accident. In addition, they proactively investigate any conditions or situations where a compliance risk has been identified.

Safety alerts and shared learnings are reviewed at the technician level during our monthly technician safety meetings as well as during annual compliance training. We work diligently to prevent accidents by implementing daily safety meetings, ensuring safe work practices, improving equipment training and design, and partnering with our employees on safety initiatives.