Sectional Door

Let our knowledgeable and professional team guide you towards the right sectional door for your specific needs

At Door and Dock Solutions Houston, we offer a wide range selection of sectional overhead doors for a variety of industries. Our doors are known for their durability, reliability, strength, and low maintenance costs. An array of door panel profiles, track and hardware, and specialized options allows you to further customize these doors to your specific project requirements. Sectional overhead doors are an essential component of any industrial or commercial facility.


Sectional doors provide protection to buildings and equipment against weather, theft, and security threats. Effective sectional overhead doors can even increase the productivity of a manufacturing facility by providing a barrier-free pathway for workers and equipment. Top-quality materials, excellent field service and optional maintenance contribute to extended door life, low maintenance costs and maximum productivity for your investment.

If you choose the right sectional door for your requirements, you can get the right balance of security and access control. If your choice is wrong, you can compromise building security and end up with doors that are not only difficult to use, but also subject to malfunctioning due to poor maintenance. Consider factors like traffic flow, environmental conditions, safety concerns and even the aesthetics of the door before making a final selection. Will it meet the needs of your building?

If you already have existing sectional doors that aren’t functioning properly or don’t fit the needs of your business, you need to replace them immediately before they become a safety hazard. One of the biggest problems with sectional doors is the door tracks. If they are not kept clean, debris can build up on them, which makes closing the door difficult. This debris can make the door’s movement noisy, and when that is combined with a poorly aligned track it is also more likely to cause damage to the surrounding structure.

But before you start shopping for new doors, make sure that you know exactly what you need. How wide does each door need to be? When choosing the best sectional doors for your commercial establishment, consider the following:

Size and type of establishment: For example, a hotel or restaurant will need a lot more traffic than most other businesses and will require more sturdy and durable doors to handle the traffic.

Aesthetics: Some businesses opt for attractive glass doors instead of metal or steel ones. Aside from aesthetics, the material of the door is important because it affects how well insulated and airtight your establishment will be.

Preferred security features: Doors with magnetic locks are great for keeping intruders out; however, they don’t keep people in if an emergency strikes. If you’re looking for a way to secure your employees as well as prevent damage from external attacks, look into panic hardware that automatically locks the door from the inside when activated during an emergency.

Maintenance needs: More complex doors require more time for maintenance since there are more moving parts that can break down over time. As you’re looking for a door that fits your business, think about how much time and money you’ll have to spend on maintenance every year.

Sectional doors and related equipment

Sectional doors and related equipment provide a wide range of benefits for businesses. These include:

Improved security: Doors that don’t work as they should cause problems. They can be an open invitation to intruders and can disrupt the smooth running of an office or business. Security is improved when sectional doors require a key, card or fob to gain access.

Power saving: Sectional doors which are not well maintained can also result in increased energy consumption and costs. It doesn’t make sense to pay more than you need to for energy bills, so make sure your doors are working efficiently and don’t leave them open unnecessarily.

Enhanced appearance: Businesses want to give the right impression to clients, which means that they want their buildings and entrances to look professional and attractive at all times. With modern sectional door systems, it’s possible to create multi-part constructions which add extra visual interest.

Facilitated movement: When you have the right type of equipment in place, employees and visitors can move quickly between floors and through your building. By choosing the best possible system, you can increase productivity by ensuring people spend less time waiting around for lifts or stairs.

Sectional overhead types

Sectional overhead doors are durable, extremely strong, and cost-effective solutions for your warehouse, distribution center, office building, greenhouse, or similar applications. They are ideal for use in cold storage facilities, government installations, commercial construction projects, retail stores, shopping centers and warehouses.

Sectional steel doors combine strength with versatility. They can be installed in new or existing buildings. Because they are made up of several parts, they can be easily relocated to another location if needed. Sectional overhead doors provide clear spans of more than 60 feet (18 m) and heights up to 24 feet (7 m). Sectional overhead doors are available in widths up to 36 feet (11 m), which can accommodate two-way traffic or provide storage space on each side of the door.

The most common type of sectional overhead door is the multi-panel door with either vertical or horizontal panels; however, these options may not always be suitable for your specific application. We offer a wide range of customized sectional overhead door designs that feature different panel types and track styles that will meet your needs. These doors are designed to be both safe and stylish, and we offer them in the following configurations:

Insulated sectional door options

There are many advantages of having an insulated sectional door. It will protect your building from extreme weather conditions. It also reduces the energy cost by keeping heat in your building during cold seasons. Insulated garage doors are constructed with a durable high-density polyurethane foam core sandwiched between two layers of steel to create complete insulation for winter or summer months. An insulated sectional overhead door is used to create both a fire-rated and energy-efficient barrier for your facility.

A sectional overhead door is also designed for heavy-duty and medium duty commercial or industrial applications. Garage doors can increase the curb appeal of your commercial building while serving the needs of your customers. When you choose an insulated sectional overhead door, you get increased safety, durability, and security. When it comes to choosing the right garage door for your commercial or industrial application, there are many options available to choose from. To decide which insulated garage door best suits your needs.

When the temperature fluctuates throughout the year, insulated doors help to stabilize internal temperatures. These doors can also help maintain a constant temperature in areas that need to meet USDA or FDA compliance for cold storage. This is an important consideration at facilities that process food products; commercial overhead doors play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with FSMA. Research has shown that when these laws are strictly enforced at commercial food production facilities, foodborne illness decreases significantly.

Non insulated sectional door

Non insulated sectional doors are designed for high-traffic commercial and industrial applications. Panel thickness is based on the use of galvannealed steel, which has a greater resistance to distortion at higher temperatures than aluminum or cold-rolled steel. The sectional overhead door is a versatile, cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. Section doors offer the ideal combination of longevity and low maintenance.

Non-insulated panel-type overhead doors are available with either a 20 or 24 gauge steel door panel. Both types of doors incorporate heavy-duty track and hardware, which are fabricated of high-quality galvanized steel for years of trouble-free service. Baked-on polyester paint finish will not chip or flake off under the stress of use. We offer a variety of shapes for seamless integration into your design solutions including arched, curved, and straight panels.

These doors are recommended for heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial or industrial applications, including high-traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, airports, or warehousing facilities. For every situation, there is the right overhead sectional door that meets your specifications for strength, materials, insulation, and design.

Whether you need a fire door to meet code or a heavy-duty all steel sectional overhead door to stand up to high winds, storms and snow loads, you'll find what you need in the line of non-Insulated sectional overhead doors from us. The bottom weather seal is made from flexible PVC material which will not deteriorate over time like rubber seals do.

The seal also eliminates conductivity of heat and cold, minimizes air and water penetration, and allows for irregular floor conditions. This bottom weather seal is welded onto the door instead of glued like competitors' doors, meaning it won't separate or leak over time. Built for strength and designed for any environment, you can trust our overhead sectional overhead doors to stay above it all.

Low headroom sectional door

The low headroom sectional door is a great way to get into that garage that's only 11 inches of clearance at the top. The low lintel design only needs 11 inches of clearance at headroom. This is the perfect solution for garages, barns, workshops, and other low height clearance areas. Your sectional garage door's springs are mounted at the front of the horizontal track.

The springs are therefore able to take advantage of the front-end alignment provided by this track design. Track is applicable for building applications where headroom is limited, and standard track will not work. Springs are mounted at the front of the horizontal track. Trolley motor operator or push-up operation required, not applicable for jackshaft type operators.

The motor is compact with variable speeds allowing up to 60 inches per second. It has soft acceleration and deceleration for smooth starts and stops. They can be mounted on a flat surface or a 2 x 4 header, in a track application where headroom is limited, and standard track will not work. Low Headroom Sectional doors have a spring tension of 15-18 lbs.

Sectional door with Pass through door

Commercial Sectional door with Pass Through door is designed to provide protection against dust, moisture, sunlight, rain etc. Moreover, these doors are available in numerous specifications. We also offer our clients with Pass Through doors for Commercial doors which includes glass Pass Through doors, Sliding Pass Through doors, Swing Pass Through doors, etc. Our full line of commercial doors includes:

  • Rolling steel doors [with or without windows]
  • Sectional steel doors [with or without windows]
  • Pass through sectional doors [with or without windows]

If you are ready to purchase your custom-built Sectional steel doors and Rolling steel doors with a pass-through door today, don’t hesitate to contact us today please call us at: [ 832] 232 – 9150.

Bullet proof Insulated overhead door

Bulletproof doors are made of solid steel construction. They are designed to withstand high-powered automatic weapons. They are used to protect military, diplomatic, institutional, and corporate high-security facilities. They provide an exceptional level of protection against bullets, fire and explosion threats, as well as threats of forced entry.

Bulletproof doors are built with solid steel construction for the best ballistic rating possible. They are extremely strong, so they will resist attempts at forced entry or destruction by explosive devices. We offer three different track options for this door: vertical lift [for high headroom], high lift [for taller installations] and standard lift [for lower headroom installations].

We provide power operation with an electric actuator and safety accessories [door interlock switch]. The door is completely customizable with options like push bar, panic bar or electronic access control system. If you want more information about customized bulletproof doors or bulletproof security products, please contact us

Industrial door operators: Manual chain hoist Vs Electric chain hoist

A manual chain hoist consists of a steel wire rope looped around two sprockets and one or two hooks. A small lever on one side of the device, when pushed down with one hand, lowers the hook and attaches it to the door and/or frame.

When employees pull on another lever with their other hand, the rope lifts and opens the door. For your automatic door opener, you can select between chain hoists and motor operators. Chain hoists are the most affordable option, but they do require physical exertion to make them work.

Electric chain hoists: Chain-driven door openers will be the preferred option in instances where heavy-duty motorized roll-ups are needed, such as in warehouses and factories. But they’re more complex and costly than manual or electric door operators, and they also require a redesign of the facility’s structure.

Motor operators are more expensive than chain hoists, but they are more convenient, as they eliminate the need for employees to activate them by hand. Motor operators can be wired with a push-button for easy access or set up to require a key card or RFID tag to operate.

Manual chain hoist

Manual chain hoists are a good option for facilities that don’t have much interior space, and they are budget friendly. The downside is that employees’ physical exertion will be needed whenever the door opens.

The most common type of manual chain hoist is a hand-operated device that connects to the door via a chain. Employees pull on the chain to open the door, and then push it back into place when finished. When you pull on the other end of the chain, it pulls on the sprocket wheel, which then moves the door up and down.

There are two types of manual chain hoists

Single-chain door operators have one piece of chain that connects the motor to the door, while double-chain operators have two chains, one for each side of the door. The operator is installed directly over the door, so it can be used in situations where there is no room for an electric operator.

Some chain hoists feature a geared sprocket wheel that you turn to raise and lower the door. There is also a type known as a spring-loaded or counterbalanced operator, which uses springs to retract and extend cables to open and close doors. This option is commonly used in garages and other applications where space is limited and there is only one person working at a time. The trade-off is that this type of operator typically costs more.

Access control: This is a more advanced and expensive option, but it is highly recommended for security reasons. A card reader will ensure that only authorized personnel can access the door. This is especially important for locations with sensitive materials such as pharmaceutical warehouses and distribution centers.

The following are key points that building owners should consider when selecting a sectional door. It’s all about the frames. Industrial sectional doors generally come in two types: rolling and sliding. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Rolling doors allow for a wider opening, but they also have a higher cost per linear foot installed. Sliding doors can be more expensive up front but can offer added value through the doorway. Whatever your choice is, make sure the door frame is adequate for your application. In some cases, you may need a heavy-duty frame or even double frames for high-traffic areas.

All the top equipment vendors offer their own brands and models of sectional doors. Choosing one may limit your options when it comes to making upgrades or repairs down the road. Working with facility experts helps ensure that you’re choosing a system that can grow as your business grows.

Install every asset correctly. There are many components involved in any installation, from building out all the structural requirements to getting everything hooked up and working properly. Our team hiring will make sure each step is done correctly for lasting results. Installing sectional doors is an investment, but one that pays off over time. Working with experts helps ensure that you’re choosing the right solution.

Maintenance for commercial sectional doors

In your facility’s case, the first step is to have a customized maintenance program developed for your door assets. This plan must be developed by a team of a facility expert and a trained service provider. The goal of this program is to keep the doors in working order, minimize downtime and ensure worker safety. The other steps necessary to manage sectional door maintenance are:

  • Understand the underlying parts that make up your overhead sectional door assets, including the structure itself, all hardware, springs and rollers.
  • Understand how these components work together to function as a whole. Learn how all of the moving parts interact with each other.
  • Track each part through its entire life cycle from design through installation and eventual replacement.
  • Comply with known industry standards and best practices for the type of equipment you have installed to keep it in optimal condition throughout its lifespan

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance not only helps you avoid downtime, but it also helps ensure the long-term viability of your overhead sectional door assets. Unfortunately, many facility owners do not budget for equipment maintenance costs. With regular maintenance, however, you can improve the efficiency of your overhead sectional door assets and extend their lifespans.

A proactive approach to overhead sectional door maintenance includes four primary steps:

  • Plan for preventive maintenance
  • Determine when to conduct maintenance tasks
  • Execute tasks safely and effectively.
  • Monitor equipment performance after completing maintenance tasks.

Sectional steel doors can be used to create a fire rated door, a blast door, an airlock, a security door or whatever you require. We have been installing and maintaining these doors for more than 20 plus years and have the experience to help you choose the right material and options to meet your application. Our overhead sectional steel door is available with a variety of options to meet many different applications. These include:

Steel door Frames: Our steel door frames are custom built to your specifications and deliver a solid foundation for your sectional steel doors. We can use either square or round tubing in our standard sizes or create a custom frame just for you.

High Security Locking Systems: Whether you need simple access control or high level security, we have the solution for you. Our locking systems come in both mechanical and electronic versions with single-point latching, multi-point latching and padlocks from leading manufacturers such as Yale, Medco, Wink Haus, and Mul-T-Lock.

Custom Hinge Systems: Our hinge systems are popular choices for many projects because they offer a high degree of versatility combined with excellent strength and durability. We can produce hinges that swing out from the left or right side of the opening or that swing out from either side of the door while remaining inside of it. These hinges can be used with our folding security doors

Sectional steel doors: Sectional steel doors are manufactured from the highest quality materials and use either a single or multiple panels that can be installed separately. Each section is easily replaced in case of damage with no need for welding. We have a variety of standard sizes, plus we can produce custom sizes to fit your unique needs.

Automatic Sectional doors: Our automated doors provide a safe and efficient method of opening and closing for high volume traffic or in environments where it may be necessary to limit traffic flow at certain times. This helps prevent accidents and injuries while minimizing the amount of time needed for maintenance.

Fire Rated Automatic Sectional Steel doors: Our fire rated automatic sectional steel doors are available in both single panel and multiple panel models with fire protection up to three hours.

Rolling Sectional doors: Rolling sectional doors are designed to open into narrow enclosures, providing an easy-to-install alternative to sliding or swing doors while maintaining optimal operating efficiency.

Security Options: Security options include both single point locking devices and double locking devices which can be used on either sliding or rolling sections, providing added safety

Our overhead sectional steel doors are some of the most popular options for industrial applications. Our dock levelers, dock seals, and dock bumpers are also some of the most used products in the industry. Our dock levelers are used to lift or lower a trailer so that its weight is evenly distributed on both wheels and all four tires.

Our dock seals help you protect your expensive equipment by keeping dust and debris out of your warehouse. Our dock bumpers help protect against damage caused by trucks hitting the building. For more information about how our products can help you improve safety and efficiency at your facility.