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Sectional / Overhead Door :

Door and dock solutions offers a wide selection of sectional steel and insulated steel doors to satisfy applications where durability, reliability and economy are top priorities. An array of door panel profiles, track and hardware. Our on site representative will walk you through product types, sizes, and most importantly,

perform field measurements to ensure your new door is the proper size and components are suited for your specific job requirements. Sectional doors are available in single layer, dual layer insulated, and triple layer insulated construction. We work exclusively on all aspects of your door needs. Our safety compliant products feature rugged construction and the latest energy saving features. Also, we are a one source supplier to construct, repair, and maintain your commercial and Industrial doors.

Aluminium sectional door :

Installed in applications where being able to see through the door is preferred. They offer light transparency, security, and a modern look

Steel sectional door :

Sectional doors typically come in Aluminum or Steel, in either insulated or non-insulated design. A few examples of track designs are standard lift, high lift, and full vertical lift. Sectional doors are most commonly found in industrial buildings, automotive repair, and automotive sales locations.

Insulated sectional door :

A door with incredible strength and durability. Its dense insulation also produces a quieter door, while its industry-leading R-values (up to 22.2) provide year-round comfort and improved energy efficiency.

Overhead sectional cold storage door :

Our retrofit cold storage doors come in manual or powered versions, Swing door or Overhead type, provide state of the art insulating properties. Freezer models use heat cables between all outer edges and between sections to ensure smooth and consistent operation.

Pass doors

Pass doors are ideal in applications where space is too limited for the installation of a standard entry door. They conserve energy by allowing building access via a smaller opening versus the entire sectional door, this minimizes wear and tear on the door as well saves electric operator cycles. In inclimate weather, the heat or cold distribution between inside and outside of the building is minimized, conserving additional energy costs.

Break away bottom section

Break away bottom sections will release from the track and swing up to a full 45 degree angle inward or outward, preventing further damage to the door.

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