Scissor Gates

Scissor Gates Houston, Texas

we offer barrier products for any type of opening and size including single fixed folding steel security gates, double fixed folding security gates, portable folding security gates, dock door security gates, retail storefront security gates, access control gates, aisle gates, chain gates, custom made scissor, folding gates and more. Folding scissor gates are a popular and economical way to secure a wide variety of facilities.


From roll-up doors on buildings and display windows in retail stores to blocking interior passageways and controlling access to non-public areas, the scissor gate has been common use for many decades. Easy to operate and easy to lock, they help prevent unauthorized intrusion and vandalism effectively and at low cost. Quickly installed without the need for special tools, a high-quality folding scissor gate can quickly turn almost any opening into a secure opening. They can be ordered as single gates or double gates and are even available in portable form for use on a temporary basis when needed.

Why Scissor Gates?


Our gates are made only with the highest quality materials. They are made to last and withstand even harsh environments.


They are very light and easy to operate, making it very convenient for any users.


Since they are light and very easy to operate, Scissor Doors can be moved to a different location if the need arises.


Scissor Gates are very adaptable to any conditions and space requirements. They can be used for security purposes in stores, warehouse, driveways, etc. They can also function as traffic and pedestrian control units in commercial buildings and institutions.


Its open spaces offer allow the free flow of air to the establishment where it is installed. Indeed, it provides high protection matched with good ventilation. These expansion gates last for years and can often lower insurance premiums for businesses and provide an excellent ROI [return on investment]. All of our scissor gates are tubular and powder coated white, black, gray or safety yellow. We're here to answer your questions or help you select the gates that best suit your needs best.