Side Coiling/Accordion Grilles

Our team will ensure your satisfaction at every step of the door selection and installation service, and will be happy to talk you through our selection of side coiling and accordion grilles:

Combining quality with dependability and affordability, here at Door and Dock Solutions, we've been making a name for ourselves in the industry for more than twenty years now, and have established ourselves as a Houston based company that is committed to meeting the exacting standards of our clients. Our level of expertise and skill is second to none, and if you've got a commercial or industrial door or dock (or both) need, then we're guaranteed to have a solution that will satisfy you.


With a skilled network of door and dock specialists and technicians, we continue to provide our clients with a range of products and services that offer complete satisfaction and exceptional value for money, and our side coiling doors are no exception. Providing an array of attractive and highly functional side-folding or accordion grilles, we can kit out a variety of retail, commercial and industrial facilities with the precise security solutions they need.If your business needs a secure barrier against theft, debris and damage, such as might be required in an airport or shopping mall, for example, then a product from our range of standard-body and wide-body folding grilles could be the perfect solution.

Giving business owners security coupled with access control for interior and exterior doors or counter openings, they allow for visual access of separated areas, too. Coming in a variety of colors and finishes, they are the ideal solution for many types ofbusiness.

Features of our accordion, side folding grilles

Fire rated – acting as physical barriers that protect openings with minimal headroom from the spread of fire and smoke, accordion fire doors are rated and have an entirely safe, automatic closing system in the event of fire detection and are a perfect match for elevator lobbies and area separations.

Available in a variety of patterns and colors – boasting shortstacking dimensions, our side- folding grilles are also available in a wide variety of patterns and colors to suit your specific requirements and ensure that it blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

unctional in an emergency – in the event of any emergency, loss of power, activation of a fire alarm or smoke detection system, the security grilles immediately move into the fully open position. When in emergency mode, the grille provides a clear, unobstructed path for anyone inside to exit the premises, and when not in emergency mode, they provide excellent security.

Known to be durable and long lasting provided regular, routine maintenance is carried out, these grilles should only be used by those personnel who have ben fully trained to operate them. You must ensure that the path is always clear of debris. Rolling closures, on the other hand, use horizontal panels that roll up into the top, in much the same way as a garage door and have a track that runs on each side of the door that the panel fits into. A counter weight makes it easier to lift the door and the panels will form a highly secure barrier when closed.

Accordion grilles offer an alternative solution to rolling shutters, where opening exceeds " in width or where a curvilinear design is preferred. If overhead clearance space is limited, accordion grilles are also a great option.

Grille options and benefits

Available in tempered glass, fire retardant polycarbonate, painted perforated steel and with aluminum curtains for extra security, our full-closure grilles are suitable for a range of applications.

Maximize ventilation and visual access with an open-air grille, while not compromising on quality or security.

Choose from a variety of curtain patterns, finishes, colors and styles for the ultimate in design flexibility.

Grilles can be customized according to specific requirements and security needs. At Door and Dock Solutions, we understand that security is an important issue for many types of commercial and industrial businesses, and with our range of security doors at affordable prices, you will never have to compromise on the safety of your premises, products and employees. With our outstanding safety record and high customer satisfaction ratings, we've got a door or grille solution to suit your every need, and if you're in the Houston area and searching for security solutions for your commercial or industrial business, why not come and talk to us?

Did you know that alongside our installation and repair services, we also offer security and fire standards consultations, and can help you to ensure that your business is always secure and compliant with strict building, and state or federal, health and safety guidelines.

Do browse our website to know more about our full range of products and services, or to talk to one of our friendly consultants about your door and dock security needs. Our helpdesk is open throughout normal business hours and our team are always on hand to advise and guide you; no security issue is too big or too small, and your concerns, are our concerns.