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Side Coiling / Accordion Grilles :

Accordion grilles are perfect whenever you need people and space to be separated by a simple yet secure screen system, We provide the  most cost effective accordion security grilles solutions in the TX . We can service and install Accordion grilles to meet your security and opening needs. Accordion grills offering both rolling and side folding options and can be used for openings with curves and or restrictions. It can accommodate almost any opening as these folding and rolling security closures are custom made to suite your applications. Folding grille  are designed to fold horizontally and store behind or next to the door jamb wall. The side folding closures are ideal for applications that require a security barrier in mind. They come in a variety of designs and are built for security and visibility. Rolling Grilles operate in a similar fashion to roll-up doors.

 Our grille  are designed to operate easily and quietly while providing the utmost in security.Side folding grilles and closures have the ability to fill irregular openings . Aluminum folding grilles or folding security partitions are an effective way of balancing visibility and security. They make it possible for you to see through the curtain to the other side while simultaneously restricting access.Accordion grilles are known to be quite durable and long-lasting so long as minimum preventive and routine maintenance is performed at regular intervals. However, it is important that in order to keep it lasting a long time that personnel should be trained in proper grille operation. it is important to keep the path clear of any potential debris that could get stuck in the grilles.Rolling closures use horizontal panels, solid, perforated, or open style, that roll up into the top, like a garage door. There is a track on each side of the door that the panel ends fit into. The door is rolled up, vertically, into a barrel at the top. There is a counter weight to make it easier to lift the door. The panels will form a protective barrier when closed. They can be rolled up into the top to allow complete access to your facility.

Accordion grilles offers alternative to Rolling Shutters where opening exceeds 20′ in width or a curvilinear design is desired or in other way telling  Accordion grilles used for openings with curves or restrictions for overhead clearance space limitations.Many cities are modifying their building codes to increase appearance in downtown areas and preserve architectural character of their buildings by banning solid roll down shutters.  However, the use of sliding or roll down grilles would still be permitted due to their openness factor. Any roll-down gate that is being replaced must be replaced with a gate that allows at least 70 percent of the covered area to be visible.” “This bill not only helps first responders when they are called to protect our businesses, but it carries the additional benefit of beautifying our city’s landscape”.  Cities and business owners taking these measures will help maintain a comfortable appearance and preserve the economic well-being of shopping districts in many areas.

Push / Pull Operation

  • Concealed Locking Devices
  • Optional curves and custom curves available
  • Vertical aluminum linking rods in various grid patterns
  • A variety of curtain styles, including aluminum and Lexan panels
  • No floor track required
  • Pocket doors available
  • Egress – Emergency egress fire exit is available to meet Fire  code regulations
  • Easy maintenance and repairs compared to other security style gates
  • For sales, Service and install Accordion grills to meet your security and opening needs:

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