Smoke Control Doors

Smoke Control Doors

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Here to help you find the perfect answer to all your dock and door requirements and problems, we don't just sell and install a wide range of high-quality products, but we repair them, too. Our expertise enables us to repair all damaged doors and restore them to their previous condition, while helping clients to understand how they can care for their product to reduce future maintenance or repair needs. Able to advise clients on what doors would best suit their needs, we can then provide them, install them and repair them where necessary, using the very best equipment and techniques to guarantee they meet all health and safety obligations, whatever the industry.

What are smoke control doors?

Designed to stop smoke from spreading into fire escape routes, smoke control doors provide the occupants of a building with a clear, non-toxic path to safely exit the premises, without harming themselves, or others. While extremely effective at limiting the passage of smoke, a smoke control door may not be sufficient to keep actual flames at bay.

How does smoke behave in a building?

Smoke will always seek the quickest route of escape, no matter what type of building it's in or what has caused it to appear, and because of this, it can travel faster than a person can run; pretty scary stuff! However, when smoke curtains or smoke control doors are in place, they work in conjunction with smoke extraction systems to provide an escape mechanism for the smoke. Helping to retain the smoke at ceiling level, smoke control doors enable people to safely exit the building.

Does your business require smoke control doors?

Every building, no matter what goes on under its roof, should have a fire safety system in place. It's important to note that while an annual fire safety inspection will show whether a building is meeting all the local safety codes, it only goes so far as to ensure that the minimum requirements are being met. Even if the building in which your business operates receives a pass grade, there will doubtless be several more ways that you can further protect it and anyone working inside.

Fire safety systems are comprised of three main elements: smoke detection, notification and response. The average building will have equipment installed that can detect smoke and heat, and will issue a warning (usually in the form of an alarm) to notify the buildings occupants of the danger. Some buildings may even have a basic water sprinkler system in place, which is activated automatically when any element of a fire is sensed (the response element). You might even find that some buildings have fire hoses strategically placed around the building, to allow for the more efficient extinguishing of a fire. But, and it's a big but, a smoke control door or smoke curtain would give the building's occupants a much greater chance of escaping unharmed (or alive, at least!), and is a cost-effective form of enhanced fire protection for any business.

Our smoke control doors and curtains

We offer clients innovative and affordable solutions to all their existing smoke and fire protection needs, as well as helping them in the conception stages, design and layout of all future smoke and fire containment requirements. Dedicated to keeping our clients and the businesses they've so often struggled to build, safe and protected from the risk and ravages of fire, we at Door and Dock Solutions are proud to offer our full range of smoke control doors and curtains.

If you're a building owner or engineer and want to bring your existing smoke and fire control systems up to code, while reducing the cost of maintenance and keeping energy expenses lower, we're only too happy to help you.

Some features of our smoke control doors

Door and Dock Solutions offer you the best in smoke barrier protection and draft control products available on the market today, and while they provide optimum protection, they also look smart and aesthetically pleasing. Conforming to all recognized fire and smoke safety tests, below are some of the features of our bestselling smoke control doors:

  • Leakage rated assembly
  • Tested in accordance with UL 1784 Air Leakage Test for door assemblies
  • Meets criteria in NFPA 105 installation of smoke control door assemblies
  • Approved in sizes up to 96 sq ft not exceeding 12" wide and 9" high
  • Same features as counter fire doors

The concealed gaskets on our smoke control doors enable you to maintain a full and clear opening while being vandal-proof, while the weatherstrip foam filled compression gasket helps to minimize air infiltration and provides a more effective, flexible seal.

Variety of applications

Committed to each and every product that we sell, we offer technical support for every installation or repair that we carry out. Providing product demonstrations – whether at our application center or on site – is simply part of our service, and we guarantee to give professional and unbiased product guidance and recommendations in all our consultations. Our extensive service covers:

  • Room to corridor
  • Cross corridor
  • Communicating
  • Elevator lobby
  • Stair enclosures (pressurized or non-pressurized)
  • Areas of refuge
  • Temperature control

With our extensive, customizable smoke and fire protection doors and curtains available throughout Houston and beyond, we can help you meet all your fire safety requirements, at competitive prices. If you would like more information about any of the products or services mentioned in our website, simply give us a call or complete our online inquiry form, and we'll be more than happy to help give expert recommendations, or schedule a consultation.