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Smoke control door and smoke curtain

Smoke Control door services Houston, Tx

A fire door is simply a door that is engineered to reduce the spread of fire from one structural area to another and to provide a path to safely evacuate a building that is on fire. A fire door is tested for performance and rated on how many hours the door can withstand fire.
All fire doors have smoke resistance requirements but because smoke often kills more people than fire itself, there is a growing requirement for the use of smoke rated doors in areas where there is not necessarily a requirement for the doors to be fully fire rated.

The benefit of these doors is the ability to prevent the spread of smoke from one area to another through UL 1784 testing by the standard for safety of air leakage tests of door assemblies. The smoke rating is also a measure of air leakage around a door and can be a useful metric for other purposes, such as determining if a door can help a room maintain positive or negative air pressure or a clean room environment. Door and Dock solutions expert team will help you determine the exact smoke control doors with smoke seals that will meet your specifications and requirements.

No matter what the automatic means of smoke/fire detection you use, the release of one or more smoke doors is usually accomplished through an electromechanical device that holds the doors open until smoke is detected. When detection occurs, the result is the mechanical or electromagnetic release of the door(s). This acts to isolate the affected area from other portions of the structure so smoke cannot spread throughout.

The two most common uses for smoke control involve facilities that contain a large number of people or when the fire load of a facility is such that the AHJ considers it to be a higher risk than normal. In either case, single-station 120VAC smoke alarms, tandem or otherwise, can be used to close fire doors and, in some cases, control heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The intent is to prevent the rapid spread of smoke throughout a building involved in a real fire situation.

In the event of a fire, emergency escape routes and information signs have to continue to be easily visible despite the smoke. our smoke proof doors prevent the spread of smoke and provide for clear emergency escape routes. Smoke control doors designed for improved protection from smoke and fire for an extended period of time. Smoke control doors prevent property damage and health risks associated with smoke. They are high quality doors that are meant to prevent the spread of smoke through compartments. Tested in accordance with UL 1784 Air Leakage Test for Door assemblies. Meets criteria in NFPA 105 Installation of Smoke control door assemblies. Smoke control doors provide excellent protection against fire, theft and unauthorized entry. We offer the best commercial door repair and installation services by expert, professional and courteous technicians. As one of the leading door companies in TX. If you have a security problem at night or on the weekend, we’re available 24 /7 day or night for emergency response. we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

Smoke Control door Features

  • Leakage rated assembly
  • Tested in accordance with UL 1784 Air Leakage Test for door assemblies
  • Meets criteria in NFPA 105 Installation of smoke control door assemblies
  • Approved in sizes to 96 square feet not exceeding 12′ wide and 9′ high
  • Same features as the Counter fire doors

Automatic smoke curtain Houston, Tx :

To prevent injury to building occupants during a fire, you need to protect them from smoke inhalation as well as from the actual flames. Smoke curtains are the ideal solution for smoke control. You can easily install them into existing buildings, and they work with other detection and response systems already in place.

Unlike other smoke control equipment such as outdoor exhaust vents, smoke curtains provide a physical barrier against smoke. When deployed, the smoke

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