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Sound Proof door Acoustic door:

Typical interior hollow core door will pass sound quite readily. (An STC of much less than 20 this means conversation can easily be heard thru it.The door should entirely be replaced with a solid, exterior door, the thickest you can find. “MDF.When sound is leaking into or out of a room, doors and windows are quite often the problem. They may not have enough density or mass to block the transmission of airborne sound. Additionally, if not sealed correctly, a 1% opening or gap will allow up to 50% of the sound energy to pass through.

Acoustic doors are engineered to prevent a specific amount of sound from passing through a door. They have been common in loud environments such as manufacturing facilities and music studios for decades, but they have become increasingly popular in office buildings, hotels, and schools too. A door’s Sound Transmission Control (STC) rating specifies how much sound would be prevented from passing through the door. The higher the STC rating, the more sound resistant the door. Manufacturers usually have proprietary cores for their acoustic doors. It’s important to specify to the performance rather than the core material because that’s what matters. It could be to an STC or OITC value, or even the performance at specific frequencies.

To help solve these issues.

  • Low cost High performance
  • Windows to STC 59
  • Doors to STC Ratings Up To 56
  • Products Tested Per ASTM E-90
  • Custom Manufactured Acoustic door to any size specifications
  • Appx. 300 pound door assembly
  • 2 3/4″ 13 Layer door assembly
  • Comes pre-hung and assembled
  • Adjustable neoprene jams and seals
  • Ready to stain / paint to match your decor
  • Best performance wood / metal finished door assembly available
  • Automatic sill
  • Heavy duty hinges 
  • 3-point latching system

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