Storm Shelters/Tornado Door/Safe Room

To find out how you can keep yourself, your family and your employees safe during extreme weather conditions, check out our selection of storm shelters and safe rooms:

While our team here at Door and Dock Solutions specialize in commercial and industrial doors, we also provide high quality storm shelters, tornado doors and safe rooms, and are proud to be helping so many customers stay safe from harm during tough, often deadly conditions.

Your home is absolutely one of the safest places to be when a severe storm or tornado strikes, but the majority of homes (and businesses, since the chances of you always being at home when a severe storm hits are low) aren't constructed to withstand sustained winds that can reach speeds of anything up to 90 miles an hour.

Our tornado doors and storm shelters

Many areas of America are prone to bouts of extreme weather, and most of them can be pretty terrifying, especially if you're not equipped for them. If you reside in an area that experiences frequent storms and tornadoes, then you should probably think about having a cement or underground shelter constructed at your home or business. With the ability to knock down and destroy many structures that are not built to withstand such high winds, tornadoes are powerful and deadly. Reinforce your home or business with our tornado doors and storm shelters, and give you, your family or your employees the protection they deserve.

Our premium storm shelters

Giving you the confidence to stay protected no matter how destructive the storm, our storm shelters are fully customizable and can be adapted to suit any building structure or design. While you may not get a lot of use out of your storm shelter all year round (but that absolutely doesn't mean it won't be worth the investment, as just one use of it could be enough to save your life), why not double up its purpose and use it as a home gym or media center, and work out or play music as loudly as you want, without the fear of disturbing your neighbors or other members of your family? Designed with longevity, functionality and comfort in mind, our storm safe rooms and shelters could be the perfect solution for both your safety and enjoyment needs.

Do you need a safe room?

If you add a safe room to your home or business, then you could give yourself and your family or employees the peace of mind that you deserve. Safe rooms can protect you from any number of threats, but are primarily designed to help prevent injury or death by providing you with a 100% safe environment in which to shelter from high winds, particularly if they're tornado level.

With our full understanding of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines, we guarantee to design and construct a safe room that will offer you near-absolute protection in the event of a tornado, and which will be done so based upon our in-depth studies and investigations into structural damage caused by tornadoes and extreme winds. Knowing that the threat of a tornado may be ever present can be incredibly hard to live with, and many people remain continually anxious about when the next one might hit land. However, with the addition of one of our expertly designed and constructed safe rooms, you can ease your anxieties tenfold, and be safe in the knowledge that at least you have somewhere secure in which to wait out the storm and stay protected.

More businesses are actively seeking safe rooms

With environmental destruction and pollution blamed for an increase in severe and extreme weather conditions, more and more businesses are seeking help from companies like ours to provide them and their employees with safe spaces to shelter from storms in. Hospitals are also increasingly having safe rooms constructed, an indication of just how real the threat of injury or death from a severe storm can be.

Our commercial safe rooms

While a basement can provide adequate protection from severe storms and high winds, they are still, sadly, vulnerable to being destroyed by falling debris from above. An underground storm shelter though, while affording the highest level of protection from violent storms, is not always able to be constructed in certain areas. Safe rooms, on the other hand, are not then same as most in-ground shelters, but offer exactly the same advantages. Defined by the FEMA as "a structure that will provide near-absolute protection from severe storms", our safe rooms are designed and built in accordance with all federal laws and relevant safety standards, and our commercial safe rooms are protected with FEMA 361 doors. Including a 14-gauge steel welded frame assembly, hinges and a multi-point locking system that allows for single motion locking and single motion egress out of the storm shelter, electrified and panic devices are also available for use on FEMA 361 doors.

Built to withstand wind speeds of up to 250 mph, and more than 3,000 pounds of force (which is more than an EF-5 tornado, non-commercial safe rooms are usually built in basements and garages and aretypically constructed from steel and fiberglass, with concrete foundations.

Your safety, whether at home or work, is paramount, and if you would like to know more about our storm shelters, tornado doors and safe rooms, then please do schedule a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your specific needs, any budgetary limitations, and the level of risk posed in your particular area. You can be confident that all our safe rooms and storm shelters meet every legal requirement necessary, and will give you the level of protection recommended by each of them. Because these structures are so vital, we will work closely with you throughout every stage of the process, to ensure that you always understand what we're doing, why we're doing and when the project is likely to be completed.

For all of our products and services, from installation and repair to our maintenance services, we strive to offer client satisfaction at all times, and if you're not happy with our work, quite simply, we're not happy either. We aim to give you exactly what you want, when you want it, and at prices that are extremely competitive. With our services available throughout Houston and beyond, take a look through our website to find more examples of our fantastic variety of door and dock solutions, call up our friendly and professional team for expert recommendations and advice, or complete our online inquiry form and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can. Your custom is valuable to us, and we deeply appreciate your interest in our fantastic company and range of superior quality products.