Thermo Breakaway Door

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What is a thermal break, and a thermal breakaway door?

In short, a thermal break is a type of material that has low thermal conductivity and which can be added into a product at the assembly stage. Capable of successfully stopping heat from being transferred from a greater source, to a lesser one, windows and doors can be constructed with thermal breaks in them to limit (or eliminate entirely) the transfer of heat or cold, and to provide additional insulation. Acting almost as a circuit breaker, a thermal breakaway door cuts off the inside from the outside, and can have a hugely positive impact on energy efficiency.

Thermal break technology

Featuring a reinforced polyamide bar between the interior and exterior of an aluminum door, thermal break technology creates an insulated barrier within the door and conducts heat, cold and sound up to a thousand times more slowly than regular, or standard aluminum; this is explained in further detail below:

In winter months we allow the cold to permeate; if you touch a door that has no thermal break, the metal frame surface will be warm, even on the side that faces the exterior of the building

In the summer months, we allow the heat to come in; as above, the surface of the metal door frame will be warm due to the external temperature

Thermal breakaway doors can be recognized by a certain system involving the use of a plastic polymer that's capable of stopping the conduction of temperature between the two metal sides (internal and external) of the profile.

The energy performance and appearance of thermal breakaway doors

It's an unfortunate reality that energy efficiency doesn't always equate with attractiveness, but we believe that our thermal breakaway doors are both functional and appealing, and can be made to match a wide variety of applications. Browse our online catalogue or talk to our helpful advisory team to know more about the options available for thermal breakaway doors.

Thermal breakaway doors for commercial purposes

Energy ratings are important in nay number of commercial settings, and with our thermal breakaway doors, you'll find an elegant and efficient range of doors that are fabricated to a high spec, and can be installed with minimum fuss by any one of our door installation specialists. Highly versatile, they can be seamlessly integrated into other glazing systems to help match even the most challenging structural and energy requirements.

Features and benefits of our thermo breakaway doors

There are many advantages of our thermo breakaway doors, and here are just a few of them:

  • Durable components
  • Modular panel design
  • Break away bottom bar that can easily be reset without tools
  • High R value and perfect solution for the bottom door section of an overhead door
  • Service free design allows for panel to be impacted without causing cable, rollers, track, hinges or spring damage

With all of our overhead, rolling door models and designs, we offer clients the ultimate in modernity, functionality and dependability. Recommended by experts and only ever installed or repaired by our team of specialist door technicians, every new door, replacement or repair comes with our satisfaction guarantee and will always meet even the most stringent of health and safety standards.

Just as each thermal breakaway door that we sell comes with a quality promise, so does our customer service, and we are proud to go above and beyond in our mission to ensure that our clients are happy with our standard of work and advice, at all times. Whatever your requirements, whatever concerns you might have, and no matter how big or small the size of the job, we're here for you. When we see you getting years of reliable and highly functional use out of our products, all our hard work and commitment is made worth it, and we remember exactly why we got into this industry in the first place; sometimes it's good to go back to your roots and remember where you came from.

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