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Thermo breakaway door

Our impactable thermo breakaway doors, whether they are Thermo break away sectional door or,Thermo breakaway sliding door use truly impactable material such as composite skins and are designed to break away upon impact. The Break free door and the impactable composite panel are your best investment for your dock doors.95% of all dock door damage is on the bottom two sections. Overhead doors where the bottom panel suffers abuse from accidental impact. Designed to replace any width overhead door panel, the break away door Panel can sustain very high impact without damaging the panel or overhead door track.

The break away door Panel preserves the overhead door structure by flexing under minimal impact and by breaking away under severe impact. Retainers on the fixed aluminum frame hold the swing panel in place. When a directional force is applied to the Break away panel, the pliable frame portion begins to flex. Once a certain degree of pressure has been applied, the swing panel breaks away from the retainers, leaving the fixed aluminum frame, trolley wheels and cable intact. The swing panel thus accommodates impact forces that would otherwise dislodge the door from the track assembly.

The break away panel can then be popped back into position. Break away bottom section releases from the track and will swing up to a full 90 degree angle inward or 45 degrees outward, preventing further damage to the door. Bottom section snaps back into place in less than a minute. Inside of section has fiberglass protective panel to prevent damage to the door. Optional inside slide lock provides additional security. Padlock may be applied to the door for security purpose.

Application for Thermo break away door

  •  Logestic ditribution  warehouses
  • Grocery distribution warehouses
  • Food processing plant
  • Pharmaceutical warehouses
  • Heavy manufacturing Industries

Feature and benefits of thermo breakaway door.

  • Durable components allow for accidental impact and unprecedented quality at an economical price.
  • Modular panel design allows for easy replacement.
  • Break away bottom bar is easily reset without tools, virtually eliminating maintenance.
  • High R value and perfect solution for the bottom door section of an overhead door, it can be impacted from both sides and is easily put back in place without any downtime.
  • Service free design allows panel to be impacted without damage to cables, rollers, track, hinges or springs.

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