Trailer Stabilizer

Trailer Stabilizing Jacks Houston

Trailer jack stands help support the front end of semi trailers during loading and unloading operations. Truck stabilizing jacks are vital in helping to provide a safer working environment and can assist in preventing semi-trailers from upending when fork lifts enters an unhitched semi trailer making it nose heavy during loading and unloading. Some models help support the front end of a trailer vertically during loading and unloading, other models with a special base frame assist in greater side movement support of a truck and helps prevent the jack from sinking into the soft driveways. Capacity ranges up to 100,000 lbs. of static weight. It is not recommended to use any trailer jack stand on an incline. Units should be lowered before the trailer is driven away. Please refer to OSHA 1910.178. Fixed jacks may be necessary to support a semitrailer during loading or unloading.

Industrial jack stands can be used to level trailers parked on sloped ground and to prevent landing gear from sinking into a soft surface. Trailer Jack Stands can be used singularly or in Pairs. OSHA recommends trailer stabilizers for unsupported trailers. Placed under the front frame of your semi trailers, the Trailer Stabilizer helps reduce accidents from trailer tip and landing gear collapse during loading and unloading, when a tractor does not support the trailer. It also reduces the chance of landing gear sinking into asphalt or gravel drive aprons.

  • Holds up to 100,000 static pounds
  • Gas actuated
  • Working range from 37″ to 48″
  • Extra large base for greater support 17″ x 18.5″
  • Large 16″ Diameter wheels
  • Weight 200 lbs
  • Only one unit required per trailer

The ergonomic easy to use easy rise trailer stand is the best in its class with its gas activated leveling and rising system. The user simply positions the trailer stand under the trailer nose, releases the biased-based security pin, and the riser will automatically rise to the trailer underside. once positioned the locking security levercreates a safe operating environment. They may prevent the upending of trailers during loading and unloading when trailers are not attached to a tractor or converter dolly. Durable Construction, constructed of heavy gauge steel with all weather wheels for maneuverability in all conditions. All units carry a full one year warranty against manufacturer defects.OSHA 1910.178 (k) (3) "Fixed jacks may be necessary to support a semi trailer and prevent upending during the loading or unloading when the trailer is not coupled to a tractor.