Troubleshoot automatic sliding door

Troubleshoot automatic sliding door Houston

Automatic sliding doors can be found in nearly every public place. They play an important role in any retail market as they are the first thing the customer interacts with to enter your store. This means you need to make sure your automatic door is running properly each day. If the automatic door stops operating this can impede the flow of traffic or stop customers from entering your store all together.


Automatic sliding doors offer great convenience. But What Should You Do When automatic sliding door is stuck open or closed? First, check to see that the door is not locked by checking the thumb turn. If the door is locked, unlock it.

If the door is locked, unlock it. Check to see that the power switch is turned on. The power switch type and location may vary. The function switch will tell you what mode the door is in. The door should be set to automatic for the doors to function properly. “Closed Locked” will keep the doors closed. “Open” enables the door to remain open.

Visually inspect the doors and header: Although this seems simple, you would be surprised what you can diagnose from simply inspecting your door panels and door header. Look for anything that looks out of place. Do you see a rubber belt hanging out of the door header? If so, your door's timing belt has snapped. Or maybe you see a loose cable hanging out of the header. Look around the bottom track, many times you will see pieces of the failed component such as a bottom wheel from the bottom guide,

And there you have it. With these tips you will be able to diagnose most automatic door problems. For model specific troubleshooting tips refer to the manufacturer's installation instructions and always make sure these adjustments are made by certified automatic door technicians

The sliding door is stuck in one direction. To fix this, there are several adjustments you can make to the doors. First, try pressing the button on the far side of the stuck door to see if that will free it. If not, there are three things you can try.

The first is to make adjustments with your hand control. Pressing the button on the wall of your hallway twice will activate your door's "One-way" mode, which means that it will unlock when you press the button again. If the door is stuck in this mode, pressing the button on your hand control while pushing against that door should trigger it to open.

The second option is to activate "Reduced," which shortens the opening width of your automatic sliding door by about two feet on each side. This can be useful for situations where a difference in floor height is preventing the doors from moving properly.

Finally, if neither of these work, try pressing your hand control twice while standing on one side of the stuck door so that it opens only part way. Once opened, push against one side of it to force it open completely before walking through.

It is possible for the door to become jammed. What you need to do is open and close the doors manually by using the manual controls located just above the door. If you still experience problems, then it probably means that your automatic sliding door is broken and needs repairing.

It is possible for the door to become jammed. What you need to do is open and close the doors manually by using the manual controls located just above the door. If you still experience problems, then it probably means that your automatic sliding door is broken and needs repairing.

There are several reasons that automatic sliding doors may stop working. You need to be able to recognize the symptoms of these problems so you can take the correct steps to repair them.

The following are common problems that can occur with automatic sliding doors: The motor for your door is not working correctly If your door is not moving it could be because the motor is not functioning as it should. The first thing you need to do is determine if this is the case or if there is another reason behind the problem. To do this locate the control panel for the door. There should be a Red OFF button and a Green ON button.

Press and hold both buttons at the same time and count how many seconds it takes for the door to move once you release both buttons. If it does not move try pressing and holding both buttons again and see if it moves after holding them for an additional 10 seconds. If it still does not move then your motor may be malfunctioning and you will need to replace it.

The doors move when you turn the power switch on and then suddenly stop

When you turn on the power to the automatic doors, do the automatic sliding doors open and then suddenly stop. If the door does not open all the way, then turn the power to the "Off" position. Manually slide the doors all the way open and then closed. Feel for any physical obstruction. If you push the automatic sliding door manually and you feel it jammed it could be a number of things such as a broken top roller, a broken bottom guide, etc.

If you have problems with your automatic sliding door and cannot fix them yourself, then it may be time to call a professional to repair your automatic sliding door. Because of the nature of how an automatic sliding door works there may be certain safety features built into it. These safety features may prevent the doors from closing if something is in its path.

If the doors are still not operating properly, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem before placing a service call:

*To ensure your safety, be sure to turn the power off*

  • It is best to troubleshoot while traffic is light or restricted. If possible, direct traffic to an alternate door or rope off the area around the door to prevent traffic from passing through during this time.
  • By manually sliding the door panels open and closed, you can feel if there is anything on the track or on the threshold that may be obstructing the doors. The door panels should slide freely without significant effort.
  • If the door does not move smoothly, the threshold or track may have gathered small pebbles or debris that are obstructing the path.
  • Use a brush or a vacuum to clean the track or threshold area.
  • Do not attempt to clean the guide on the bottom of the sliding panel. Occasionally, the slide door panel can become disengaged from the hanger.
  • Check that the door panels are secured to their hangers by pushing the door shut from the outside.
  • Another common problem is that the door will not open. Check to see if the door is stuck on the inside. If so, you will need to manually assist the door to open. If there is an obstruction preventing the doors from opening, you may have to remove it. Depending on your model, this may require removing a small section of wall or removing a door panel. After removing the obstruction, you may have to reset your automatic sliding door by following these steps:
  • Remove power from the automatic sliding door opener by turning off the power switch located on the wall behind the opener
  • Open and close your doors manually until they are no longer obstructed. Then turn the power back on and check again for obstructions
  • If there are no longer any objects blocking your doors, reset your power switch and test the operation of your automatic sliding door again.

If this does not remedy your problem, then you may need to replace a part or contact a professional AADM certified technician for assistance immediately. Do you still need help to fix the problem? Give us a call or fill a contact form that we will reach to help you.