The truck leveler is utilized to elevate or lower the back of trucks and change the elevation as well as the slope of the trailer floor. For Transportation and Logistics, Food, Beverage and Manufacturing.


Remedy the natural inclination of trailers that often contributes to the slope of the packing dock, cause inside the trailer a really dangerous slope to handlers and also goods.

Our Leveler will unload trucks or trailers driving on a really bad surface. It also can change the slope and level of floor inside the trailer, regardless of angle of loading to avoid dangerous load to handlers and goods.

Our hydraulic truck leveler is a trailer device that lets you increase and decrease the elevation of the rear end framework of road tractors and trailers. It can help solve the natural tendency for trailers to slope toward the back, improving the stability of cargo and reducing labor costs.

A hydraulic truck leveler is used when you need to change the slope of the floor in your trailer. These trucks make loading and unloading a breeze. The hydraulics of these truck levelers do all the hard work for you, making loading and unloading pain-free.

Whenever your trailer does not have an ideal slope, use a hydraulic truck leveler to solve this problem. You can also use it when you need to temporarily change the direction a forklift unloads products into your trailer.

Lowered danger of accident between the trailer and also the cladding panels in case of too expensive slope.Avoid the flow of rain water inside the store house through runoff on the roof of the truck by reversing the slope. by minimizing the threat of slips and also drops.

The truck leveler is an ergonomic solution to getting shipment automobiles loaded/unloaded quicker as well as safer by obtaining the vehicle bed closer to or equivalent to dock degree.

They provide a low-maintenance to obtain all semi-trailers leveled to the dock. By leveling the vehicle or trailer to the dock, there's little incline for the rolled load to get rid of.

  • Available in surface- as well as pit-mounted
  • Low 5" shape (surface area mounted)
  • Accordion skirting on sides of surface-mounted.
  • Solid steel skirts on pit-mounted.
  • Cutout for truck restriction.
  • Chrome-plated rods to prevent rusting.
  • Double-wire intertwined hose pipes.
  • One-piece solid steel design (surface install).
  • Platform surface area created of 4-way walk plate.
  • 24" approach ramp (surface-mounted only).
  • UL authorized and also identified controls, ship loose.
  • Velocity fuse integrates on cylinders.
  • Wheel locator standard for pit-mounted, (optional on surface area placed).


  • Increased dock productivity.
  • Minimal platform deflection.
  • Zero freefall in case of cut hose-Safety initially!
  • Extended hose life for included safety and security.
  • Easy access to hydraulic/electrical parts for servicing.
  • Surface-mounted system can be installed in a superficial pit.
  • Pit-mounted has capillary tubes for "sealed" hydraulic system in case of pit flooding.


Surface Mounted

  • Longer platforms for unique applications
  • Increased lowered height and ramp length.
  • Shallow pit version readily available.
  • Weather-proof essential operated or vital lockout "up down" control stations.

Pit mounted

  • Dock edge toss over bridges.
  • Special system lengths.
  • Weather-proof crucial operated or essential lockout "up-down" control stations.
  • Full size wheel locator.

Our hydraulic truck leveler is a simple yet effective way to get the job done. Making sure your cargo is safe and secure should be a top priority. Our truck leveler can help you do all of that. The hydraulic truck leveler saves you time and money by increasing the stability of your cargo.

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