Truck Restraints

Truck Restraints /Vehicle restraint / Dock Lock

Did you know that majority of the employee injuries that take place at the dock are due to premature truck departure and trailer creep? Each year, tens of thousands of American workers are injured in forklift related accidents many the result of the forklift falling off the edge of the loading dock.


In a busy loading dock area, this can easily occur due to sloppy parking, trailer creep or premature truck departures. Truck restraints are necessary for loading dock environments to prevent these accidents and ensure employee's safety.By securing the trailer vehicle restraints reduce your company's risk of physical injury, property damage and downtime. With a wide variety of models to choose from, our vehicle restraints perform in virtually any application and secure the widest range of vehicles.

Trailer Creep

Trailer creep, also known as vehicle creep, is a situation where the trailer movesaway, slowly, from the dock because of the ongoing impact of forklift traffic between the bed of the truck and the dock. This creates a huge gap putting both the forklift as well as the operator at risk. Trailer creep is hard to identify in a busy and time-sensitive environment, as it is occurring slowly and gradually.

Premature truck departure

Premature truck departure is a situation when the driver accidentally moves the truck away too soon from the dock before the loading activity is complete. This creates a serious and hazardous situation for equipment, people and materials.

Trailer and Truck Restraints

Securing the trailer to your building assists with not only safety, but security. Trailer restraints can ensure that your trailers, and the merchandise within, remains safe, day or night. Additionally, it provides an extra level of security when using forklifts to load and unload freight from trailers.

Truck restraints help to secure a truck to the loading dock. These locks help provide a measure of safety for those loading and unloading the truck, as well as a safety feature to prevent the truck from being driven away prematurely.

Automatic Truck Restraint

For quick and easy operations at the dock, automatic truck restraints, with just a push of a button, you can maximize dock safety and prevent accidents that occur due to unscheduled truck departures. This truck restraint requires no risky manual efforts for operation. The automatic restraint hook can be both retracted and released effortlessly by the attendant.

For enhanced safety, it features an electric communication system with inside and outside traffic-light signals and warning signs for the driver. Besides this, the fully-enclosed operating system helps guard against electrical and physical overload. And in case the hook fails to capture the ICC Bar, the automatic warning alarm creates a sound so that the dock attendant can take action timely.The automatic truck restraint has a restraining force of more than 50,000lbs and operating range of 12" to 30".