What is a Turnstile?

A turnstile is a mechanical gate or barrier with metal arms that are turned to admit one person at a time usually one direction. Our mission is simple: To provide best products and services to our customers at lower cost. We take pride in our company our technicians who installs, repair/ service, our commitment to customer service and the quality product we sell. We only offer product of high quality. Your solutions that address tailgating and protect the valuable assets in side your building. Security entrances are an effective first line of defense, but you may be asking yourself some questions: Do all entrances work the same way? How can I prove ROI?


Four security entrance capability levels crowd control, deterrent, detection and prevention

The impact of each capability level on your organization, as it relates to throughput, metrics capabilities, annual operating costs and payback

Waist High Turnstiles

Waist high turnstiles (also known as tripod turnstile) are a mechanical barrier with three revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical cabinet that is approximately 39" tall. They typically use a ratchet mechanism to allow the rotation of the arm in one or both directions. The turnstiles are designed to allow one person to pass thru single-file at a time giving an accurate, verifiable count of attendance. Waist high turnstiles provide a basic, simple form of access control and are a good fit for a variety of applications, including stadiums, amusement parks, office lobbies and health clubs. Depending upon usage needs and permissions, passage may be left open, or require a credential such as a bar code scan, RFID card, or similar as required by the administrator. See below for our full line of waist high turnstiles.

Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height turnstiles have a mechanical rotating barrier and operate similar to a revolving door. They are designed to offer maximum security by allowing entrants to pass thru single-file, one at a time. Built for strength from heavy duty steel construction, they are usually 8' tall and provide physical security to restrict access. The units are available in a variety of passage widths from 30" to 48" depending upon the usage need and requirements to pass thru with large objects such as backpacks or tools. A full height turnstile can be used for one way or bi-directional applications and usually integrated as part of an access control system. When requiring more than one lane, you might also consider a Full Height Tandem model which has two lanes in a practical space saver configuration.

Optical Turnstiles

Optical turnstiles consist of two pedestal cabinets that utilize photo electric beams which create a sensing field to monitor the passage of objects. The quantity, location, and sensitivity of the sensors will vary depending upon the area of coverage. Optical turnstiles may be supplied with or without physical restrictive barriers depending upon the level of security required. They are usually monitored by an attendant and integrated with an access control system. Lane widths can vary to accommodate ADA compliance. Optical turnstiles that are barrier-free are usually located in low security environments where rapid traffic flow and counting are important. Typical installations for optical turnstile include: cafeterias, libraries, student centers, and office buildings.

Optical turnstiles with barriers are frequently used in higher security environments, and are available in a wide variety of styles. Stainless steel arms (drop or swing), are low profile basic barriers that are minimally restrictive when used for optical turnstiles. The arms are designed operate in pairs and meet at the center when closed. Glass barrier optical turnstiles are available in a wide variety of styles and models and offer greater physical resistance than similar models with arms. The glass appearance is visually obstructive and has a more restrictive look. The panels act similar to a that as a door by creating a physical deterrent, can be either hinged or retractable, and available in a variety of sizes.

Whether you're looking for glass, optical, waist-high, full-height, drop arm, or have a custom project in mind,To meet the highest quality, reliability and performance expectations. Our team of certified technicians is available 24/7 to keep your system up and running at all times. If you need assistance, call us right away to schedule a service appointment. We guarantee fast and effective service, as our objective is clear: keeping everyone safe and secure.


Our expertise in the security field combined with our ability to provide outstanding customer service empowers us to constantly achieve our goal of providing our customers with aesthetically pleasing, rugged and reliable security solutions. Your turnstiles are an important investment, built to last years and even decades. The experience we have acquired over the years supplies us with the knowledge power of what products will properly suit your needs. Equipped with this knowledge, we have become a leader in the field of pedestrian control products.To protect your investment and maintain its safe operation.