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A vertical storing hydraulic dock leveler (VSL) for cold storage and meat processing facilities gives you the same features as a pit-style leveler and offers space-efficient, upright storage. When trailer doors are stored inside the loading dock, they can open inside the facility instead of on the drive approach, reducing dust, debris, and rodents from entering the facility and eliminating the energy loss from a pit-style leveler when stored. Overhead doors are close to the pit floor for maximum unmatched environmental control and security control. Unlike conventional pit type levelers requiring truck drivers to stop10 ft short of the loading dock bumpers, The Vertical Storage Loading Dock Leveler is a valuable and cost-saving truck loading device as a perfect loading dock solution.

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It allows the truck to back entirely into the loading dock without stopping and opening the trailer door(s). This helps prevent theft and tampering with the product outside of the facility before unloading, as well as helping to prevent the possibility of the truck load shifting and spilling from the stop and restart approach, with the trailer doors open. Vertical Leveler eliminates forklift damage and equipment damage to overhead doors by storing vertically in front of the overhead door while creating a barrier to prevent forklifts from falling off the loading dock. It helps avoid damage forklift to overhead door damage, flooring, and pallets while stored in front of the loading dock.

Loading docks are an essential part of any business, but they can be challenging to use safely and efficiently

Loading docks are an essential part of any business, but they can be challenging to use safely and efficiently. Vertical storing levelers are an efficient and convenient way to store items at different heights, eliminating the need for a tall parking space outside your premises for cold chain integrity. These docking units can be used on almost any loading dock, including those with narrow dimensions or without usable space between the floor and ceiling for complete seal. Features: Vertical storage levelers can be used on almost any type of loading dock. Includes adjustable height levels for various heights, made from durable materials to last for years, can be used in all kinds of buildings. It can be built with modular construction so it can be added or removed quickly at your request.

Vertical levelers eliminate the need to find a parking spot outside of the facility and allow the overhead doors to close to the pit floor to maximize environmental control

A vertical Storing Device (VSD) is an upright position storage device that enables the elevator to be stored at any height while still allowing access to the ground floor. This storage device features a series of compartments where undercarriage modules can be loaded in order to support and protect the vehicle's load. The VSD is designed for use in facilities with limited space and where access to the ground floor must be restricted.

This elevator storage solution improves the safety and efficiency of loading docks and is a great way to improve your business' operations

Vertical Storing Elevator Leveling is a unique solution that allows the customer to store their load in the doorway of the elevator. The Vertical Storing Elevator Leveling can be installed on any loading dock, superstore, or warehouse facility. The Leveler works at elevations from -10 feet to +15 feet. It's a heavy-duty storage unit designed to protect and store the entire load for the customer. It also provides additional storage for bags of supplies and pallets of inventory.

A vertical storage dock leveler elevates the load and locks it into place. This means that you don't have to worry about touch-ups or lose time during loading and unloading operations because the item can be transferred quickly and easily by simply lowering it down. The freight-free system makes this possible so that you won't have to spend money on shipping and handling charges when sending your cargo down the dock from the top floor.

The dock leveler comes with clear windows to see what's going on below, allowing customers easy access. It's also height-adjustable to fit any loading platform or container that fits below it, including refrigerated trucks, pallets, and other freight items, to help save time and effort for your employees, saving both money and space in your facility.

Design and Function of a Vertical Dock Leveler

The vertical dock leveler is a product designed to keep the overhead doors open while the doors are being stacked. It is designed to store behind the doors and run up to them, providing better environmental control and effective cleanliness. The vertical dock leveler helps maintain an optimum seal between the floor of the warehouse and the pit floor by acting as a hydraulic dam for the overhead dock doors. The barrier can be installed on each side of each overhead door. The dam uses hydraulic power to move vertically between sides of the door flange, depending on which side you prefer (sideways or from above).

To maintain an optimum seal, vertical docking docks require enough space for clearance when opening and closing horizontal storage doors. This is why, in general, many warehouses use vertical storage docks that hinge inward towards each other with enough space between them to be opened horizontally without having to cross one another. The standing dock leveler will store behind these vertical storage doors allowing them to remain open while allowing entry into other areas at lower levels where there is less clearance. Vertical holding systems are designed to hold products horizontally to limit any horizontal movement during transportation.


  • High visibility yellow run-off guards are built for safety and allow more complete access to the trailer entry.
  • An integral safety stand keeps the deck securely upright during servicing.
  • Built-in maintenance strut with lockout pin prevents leveler use during cleaning or maintenance.
  • Non-adjustable hydraulic velocity fuse limits loaded platform free-fall to within 3".
  • High visibility beveled toe guards with OSHA striping improve worker safety.
  • The constant pressure touch button allows the dock attendant to control the deck at all times safely.

Benefits of Installing a Vertical Dock Leveler

  • They are sturdy and are capable of carrying heavy loads.
  • Many types are highly suitable for motorized forklifts.
  • With such levelers, safety in the warehouse is vastly improved.
  • They ensure an easy and smooth transition between the trailers and docks.
  • Vertical storing dock levelers are more energy efficient because when they are in the stored position with the overhead door closed, the chance of energy loss is minimized.
  • Vertical storing dock levelers also reduce the risk of vermin entry which is very important in any food industry.
  • Easily wash down and sanitize the pit floor to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.
  • Dock seals help reduce energy loss but cannot eliminate the gaps surrounding the platform of conventional pit levelers for better control of internal temperatures; this concern is eliminated by choosing vertical storing dock levelers, helping maintain the strict temperature control of the facility.
  • Reduce the risk of vermin, pests, and debris outside
  • Eliminate internal temperature fluctuations.
  • Hydraulic velocity fuse limits loaded platform free-fall.
  • Vsh's [Vertical storing hydraulic leveler] push-button convenience to rise and lower and infinite control of the Leveler's lip for excellent choice and complete control for cold storage and freezer environments like food and pharmaceutical industries.

Proper Maintenance and Care for a Vertical Dock Leveler:

The difference between these vertical models and the standard horizontal ones is that these will not allow you to close down from the bottom up, instead of requiring you to close them altogether from the top down (or vice versa). The following is an overview of what makes each type different.

Vertical Storing Dock Leveler (VSDL) The VSDL provides an excellent solution for storing products vertically. You can choose between two models: one is designed for horizontal storage, and the other is designed for vertical storage. They both do the same thing: they allow you to store goods vertically without opening or closing doors (the door within their walls acts as a barrier preventing any items from going outside). If you want to store items horizontally, then pick the vertical model if one is available in your area, as it will help maximize your product's shelf life and improve operational efficiencies in terms of inventory management.

Vertical Storing Dock Leveler with Door (VSDDL) The vertical model does not have a door on it and thus cannot be used for opening and closing things like standard sliding doors. It's therefore perfect for storing goods such as crates, pallets, or boxes horizontally since you can remove them from their hinged position and then put them back when you're done with them. It also has more expansive hinged areas, which means that it can hold more than just containers but make sure you purchase a model that has this feature if it's vital for your business!

Vertical Storing Dock Leveler (VSDDL) The VSDDL doesn't do anything except being stored vertically in its hinged position (it doesn't even have a door on it!). It's, therefore, perfect if you need something very sturdy because it won't tip over or break easily if it's hard enough to put on its hinged position! However, this model also lacks wide enough hinged areas so that larger product sizes can be stored inside. We recommend purchasing a model with more expansive hinged areas if this feature is vital for your business!

How to Choose the Right Vertical Dock Leveler

As we've said before, an obvious choice for a vertical dock leveler is an upright one, with no horizontal guide rails or tie-down points, but also one with a lockable door. But this is not the only choice for a vertical leveler

A horizontal one is, say, an upright position, one with less weight to bear and can be knocked over easily by containers. Even if the lock doesn't open, it can't hit any container doors.

A telescopic one, the kind you can store behind doorways and on the wall of a room or in the attic, often works better than an upright one. We have seen some of these in use and like them all. As well as performing better than horizontal ones (for some applications), they are easier to handle and store because they are slung over something not just on top of something else (like kitchen counters) but also on top of something more substantial (like wooden beams).

The upside is that you don't have to buy a large piece of equipment to get your vertical Leveler in position; it's cheap enough that you can buy spare parts for individual pieces if needed. The downside is that you need to make sure that your load isn't too heavy to hold. The critical thing about choosing a vertical dock leveler is whether it's right for your application. If you're deciding between two models with similar specs, choose whichever fits your application best

A built-in platform version with horizontal guide rails will usually be cheaper than an upright version. The latter requires extra hardware such as brackets attached directly to walls, while the former uses additional hardware such as PEX fittings bolted onto walls directly.

An adjustable version that lets you tilt the platform up or down so it's lower at low loads or higher at higher loads, so most applications call for this type will usually be cheaper than an upright one which does the same thing but has no way of adjusting its height regardless of load requirements. This doesn't always apply; when we looked at our first vertical docking platform prototype last year, we didn't need adjustable height because we have so many containers on-hand already. Nevertheless, when choosing between platforms with flexible height options and fixed ones that are made from heavy-duty metal, we tend towards platforms built-in.

Accessories for a Vertical Dock Leveler

An accessory for a vertical dock leveler improves the way it works. It's a way to make the product more useful and provide value to users who would otherwise not be using it. For example, a vertical stacking dock leveler might be elegant and straightforward, but it isn't as valuable if it can't be used in conjunction with the horizontal version. Or maybe the product could have a couple of great features that are under-utilized, or users don't see value in them. A good reason to do this work is that it can increase the utility of your product, which ultimately increases its ROI (in whatever form that may take). Another reason is that you get to do something new and different, which adds some spice to your product.

Application Benefits for Cold Storage Facilities:

Whether they process food or freight, cold storage facilities remove the outside climates from their operations. This prevents the exposure of perishable items to heat, humidity, etc., and allows for a higher-quality product or shipment. The cold chain is the temperature range that maintains the quality and safety of food, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals. To maintain this temperature range and air infiltration in the face of ambient external conditions, many cold chain applications utilize insulated shipping containers with integrated refrigeration systems or cooling pads. Vertical storing levelers provide a temperature-controlled environment, so you can load and unload perishables at their desired temperature no matter how warm or cold the outside weather is.

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