Vertical Lift Gate

Vertical Lift Gate

Vertical Lift gates used on sites where there is insufficient space outside of the gate opening for a swing or slide gate to retract without hitting an obstacle.


Vertical lift gate is designed as a complete system to operate flawlessly. chain drive mechanism, complete with counter weights, engineered footings assure a smooth and precise up-and-down movement. To minimize stress, steel counterweights running inside the vertical support columns are fabricated to balance the weight of the gate, reducing the power demand on the motor. The gate panel hangs on four truck assemblies, each with four sealed and permanently lubricated roller bearings, traveling inside smooth aluminum track. A continuous loop drive system, directly connected to the counterweight in each support column, assures precision operation.

The vertical lift gate is available in a wide range of openings. Ideal for any setting with space constraints, it is also suited for high-security applications like detention facilities and heavy-use sites such as airports, ports, transportation terminals and delivery docks.Fast models raise up to 2,000 lb gate panel to full 16 ft overhead clearance in 8 seconds. Perfect solution for entrances with limited space. Vertical lift gates can be constructed to accommodate any size opening. Vertical lift gates are motorized and can be controlled from the convenience of your office or any other security post.

A standard vertical lift gate can vary in length from 24 to 26 feet and in height up to 8 feet. Lift gate choices vary. There are disadvantages to vertical lift gate systems. First,they are expensive in upfront cost, however some will say that the reliability and less maintenance cost will offset this over the long run.

The footprint of the operator and pad is quite large because of the increased support the gate. Choices, as compared to other gate types are somewhat limited without spending a large amount of cash on a custom gate design. Should a vertical lift gate suffer damage from being struck by a vehicle it is usually a more expensive repair than if you are simply dealing with a damaged swing or slide gate. Finally, the gate is limited to a maximum size due to the mode of operation and what is possible with present system designs. All safety features including Fire and Police Entry systems work well with these gates. Lift gates can be UL325 rated and all access control systems are compatible as well as vehicle loop detection system. The gates themselves can be equipped with many various materials to include anticlimb material.

We have talked about space and security in a commercial and federal setting, but many of these systems are installed in the private sector whether it is an estate gate or a gated community. These two setting are a good fit from a reliability, safety, security and speed of operation standpoint. In addition to these benefits, the low maintenance and high reliability of operation for this type of gate system proves a plus that is tough to pass up when considering the needs of an estate or high - volume gated community. Again, the only minus is the initial cost to purchase and install these units. When considering a gate system for your individual need, be sure to consider all the advantages that vertical lift gates bring to the table. If space is at a premium then a vertical lift gate may just be the system that you are looking to purchase and install.