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Vertical lifting doors Houston

This is the door of choice for very large openings when there are high wind loads and the sill area needs to be uninterrupted. vertical lifting doors are built tough for the most extreme environments. These doors are designed to perform in high winds, high altitude, and severe climates. They’re an excellent choice for almost every application, including specialty architectural designs, blast, acoustical, even ballistic. The flexibility of having multiple-doors-in-one provides many advantages for meeting your specific requirements today and tomorrow: simplified and dependable operation, controllable and comfortable interior environments, safer operations and traffic flow, and lower energy usage and costs. Two styles of mounting option inside mount and outside fit available head room. If the inside head room is limited then you can mount it on outside so no alteration to existing framing.

We also have cold storage application vertical lift door. vertical lift doors are available manually operated, or with electric motor operation. Vertical lift doors are ideal for loading docks, warehouses and areas with limited side room. Vertical lift doors are constructed using fiberglass reinforced pultrusions, creating a highly durable perimeter framework. Corners have internal steel reinforcements. Panels are foamed-in-place with Non-CFC polyurethane insulation. Full vertical lift is a type track set up that allows the sectional door to ride up the wall vertically without the use of horizontal tracks. Door and Dock solutions has extensive in-house experience repairing these doors and are able to find and fabricate obsolete parts.

There is one importance difference between a vertical lift door and a high lift door. Vertical lift doors do not have curved portions of track, which means that the door function by sliding straight up into the wall. This key difference eliminates any visible tracks and provides business owners the opportunity to maximize every available inch of space. High lift doors have a longer straight portion of track between the top roller and the curved portion of track, which means that they do not allow for the freeing of every inch of storage space.

Many distribution centers and warehouses seem to favor vertical lift doors because of the space utilization properties they provide. Shelving, for example, can be stacked up high without any visible tracks in the way, thereby maximizing storage space. A vertical garage door track is mounted directly to the wall. This means that a vertical garage door track can only be installed in a building that has enough headroom to run a garage door track up the wall above the door opening. Another great benefit is that high-profile vehicles can be lifted to head height or greater using a floor jack because there are no visible tracks. They also make ideal dock doors.

Since vertical lift doors have no visible tracks inside the garage or storage area, they can be an ideal complement for just about any business, no matter how large or how small, that is seeking to maximize and utilize every single amount of available space.

Smoke Control Door Features

  • Vertical lift doors leave no visible tracks
  • Vertical lift doors slide straight up into wall.
  • Vertical lift doors can telescope or stack side-by-side.
  • Vertical lift doors are designed without torsion springs.
  • counterweight balance is used in vertical lift doors.
  • Lower repair costs due to their design
  • Vertical Lift Door Repair

A key factor to consider when purchasing any commercial or industrial door is knowing that you can receive fast and efficient service when needed. Even though vertical lift doors feature tried and true reliable technology, customers need to know that they can receive prompt and courteous service when needed. Should something break, or even when regular scheduled maintenance is needed, one day without access to your merchandise or your inventory is one day too many and can be extremely costly for any business.

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