Vertical Pivot Gate / Automatic Gate Operators

Vertical pivot gates and automatic gate operators Vertical Pivot gate

Security operations around the world including military bases, commercial airports, power plants, refineries, governmental agencies, college campuses and storage facilities have selected vertical pivot gate for unparalleled operating flexibility and overall value. Our Vertical Pivot gate operators are appropriate in almost any application where vehicles and/or pedestrians need to be controlledbuilt-in battery backup prevents security lapses during power outages. Our Vertical Pivot gate operators require very minimal preventative maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Vertical Pivot gates operate in all weather conditions including extreme heat and cold as well as snow. They are adaptable to any site challenges including uneven driveways, drainage swales, curb notches, contours, and extreme working conditions.


Vertical pivot lift gate is a unique standalone gate system. Vertical pivot lift gates are carefully designed to enhance the existing landscape. As a popular choice for vehicle access control, vertical pivot gates are ideal for installations where a sliding or cantilever gate is impractical, due to limited space alongside the gate location. In addition, since vertical pivot gates lift vertically to open, they're ideal where ice and snow accumulations could prevent sliding gates from operating. They are available in a wide variety of gate styles and widths.

Vertical pivot gates are fast to open and close, typically in 7 – 12 seconds, preventing traffic delays.

The gate material is available in either aluminum or steel construction and can be customized to suit your specific needs. Gate height and width can range up to 9′ high and 20′ long. All gates are custom manufactured to our customer's specific needs. Vertical pivot lift gates are corrosion and rustproofed for all weather and temperatures, providing maintenance free construction for many years. Simple low - cost on site installation is achieved with our single, self - contained unit, once concrete slabs are established.

Why Vertical Lift Gate Opener/Operator?

1. Fast Operation

The Vertical Lift Gate opener is most ideal and good solution where the Gate needs to open and close faster and more frequently. The Vertical Gate opens quicker than most other types of Automatic Gate, as the gate needs to lift only ten-sixteen feet vertically rather than twenty to thirty feet horizontally.

2. Efficient

Its suitable for any application where vehicles or pedestrians need to be controlled in an efficient way.

3. Requires less space to operate

The vertical Lift/Pivot Gate Opener opens at 90 degrees, thus requires very less space for installation and operation.

4. Weather Resistant

Vertical Lift Gate Opener/Operator, is weather resistant. It doesn't effect by heavy snow or wind.

5. Low Installation Cost

A Vertical Lift Gate Opener/Operator entirely removes gate hardware, significantly improving reliability, and likely keeping the whole system cost down.

6. Low Maintenance Cost

These Gates are corrosion and rust proof for all kinds of weather, results in maintenance-free operation for many years. If you are considering to install, repair or service vertical lift gate openers, get in touch with Door and Dock solutions. We are a team of the most reliable, most experienced and also most affordable vertical lift gate opener engineers in the Houston, TX.