Wall Protection Systems

Protective Wall Systems

Door and Wall Protection Systems products that protect building interiors from relentless damage without compromising choices in materials, colors, thicknesses or patterns. so your walls can make an impact and also take an impact. Protective wall systems Protect warehouse docks, walls and corners from vehicles and other activities that may cause potential damage.


The safety wall posts and guard rails are customized to suit the needs of the material that you are stacking while protecting your workers and expensive equipment. our unique ability to protect all areas of any facility, the design flexibility of these products is limitless. We offer outstanding protection from all types of abuse, thus dramatically reducing maintenance and repair expenses. Choose from rectangular or curved profiles, many with design options such as grooved surfaces, color accent stripes, 66 standard colors, and custom color matching.

Wall Guards

Guard your walls from scratches, dents and scrapes by installing one of our wall guards. There's no need to let wheelchairs, hospital beds and service carts leave you with constant maintenance.

We can supply products for every application, from doorways to machinery, walkways to traffic areas, storage to structure and our warehouse barriers are fully hygienic and food environment approved. We also produce a cold storage version of our warehouse barrier range, which can be installed and effective in temperatures of – 40 degrees.

Who need wall protection systems ?

  • Hospitals and nursing homes: The heavy traffic of trolleys, mobile beds, medical equipment and wheelchairs causes damage to the wall and corners. Uses of wall protection can enhance the safety and minimize the damage.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, Bar and restaurants require wall protection systems to minimize the damage to wall surfaces caused by foot traffic, luggage and maintenance trolleys.
  • Gyms: Wall protection systems protect the surfaces from damage caused by gym equipment and high impact activities such as aerobics and indoor sports.
  • Office and business: It helps to maintain a clean and attractive work environment and reduces the cleaning costs.
  • Factories and industrial environments: Where practical, hard-wearing, shock absorbing buffers are required for maximum impact protection from machinery.