Weather Stripping Seals and Brushes

Improve energy efficiency and eliminate heat/ cold loss. Defeat the elements with weatherization technologies for your openings:

Door and Dock solutions will add weather stripping to your Door or Loading dock to increase energy efficiency and save thousands of $ every year. Installing energy efficient loading dock leveler and weatherseals will close the gaps and help reduce your heating and cooling costs. we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions to your problems.

  • Keep Pests Out and remain F.D.A Compliant by sealing potential entry points
  • Fire Code Compliance with Smoke Seals
  • A.D.A compliant thresh holds add most efficient sealing properties of the door
  • Weather stripping provides effective solutions to closing gaps, guiding and sealing off door entrance
  • We provide expert weather stripping installations
  • 1 Hot weather Applications: Air sealing to keep the cool air in
  • 2 Cold weather Applications: Air sealing to keep the cold weather out

Why Choose Bi-folding doors?

Choose from a wide variety of weatherstripping / weather seal designs to effectively seal around dock levelers as well as door bottoms, jambs, headers, thresholds and in between doors. High quality materials such as nylon and polypropylene brush seals.To stop the cold air from coming around your loading dock,we have brushes to seal and close the gap between a loading dock and the concrete pit. One of the most vulnerable areas in any plant is the Dock leveler. This is because when the plant is closed, the space under the Dock leveler is open. If the sides and bottom of the dock leveler are not sealed, rodents, insects, and air can easily enter the plant. Our specially designed brushes will seal the dock leveler virtually air tight. The brush seals against air, dust, and pests that can easily infiltrate the gaps around dock levelers. The nylon brush dock leveler seals, keeping temperatures constant, and the weather stripping provides an extremely effective way of preventing heat and cold air leaking in and out of the dock, as well as providing a non-chemical pest and dust control around dock levelers. Weather stripping Door seals Our industrial brush weather stripping has been designed and field tested as door seals for hot weather applications – keeping the cool air in and cold weather applications keeping the cold weather out.

This weather stripping is used for all types of door seal applications such as dock levelers, entry doors, aircraft hangar doors, sectional overhead doors, rolling steel doors, swinging doors and hollow metal doors as industrial weather seal. Door seals are the most common application of weather stripping. Our brush door seals are very unique as a weather stripping material because it not only seals far more effectively than a solid vinyl or neoprene, but because it is virtually indestructible. Our type 6 nylon brush seals are recommended for food processing and handling facilities. They are U.L. Rated as "Gasketing Material for Fire Doors" (viable from -100ºF to +200ºF).

  • Type of weather seals we use
  • Bottom seals
  • Jamb seals
  • Header Seals
  • Brush seals

Brush door weather seals are the only fully flexible air tight door seals available for pedestrian doors, sectional over head door, rolling steel doors, double entry doors ,aircraft hanger doors, and dock levelers. Aluminum slide in brush weather seals out drafts light, rain, wind, dust, snow, fumes, insect and rodent. Improve energy efficiency and eliminate heat loss. Defeat the elements with weatherproofing technologies for your openings: Weather Stripping, Seals, Thresholds, Dock Seals Gaskets and Smoke seals.

  • Dock Seals
  • Dock Leveler Seals
  • Pest Seals
  • Smoke Seals
  • Door Brushes and Astra Gals
  • Door Impact Bars