Weather Stripping Seals and Brushes

Improve energy efficiency and eliminate heat/ cold loss. Defeat the elements with weatherization technologies for your openings:

At door and dock solutions, we offer a variety of weather sealing options for virtually any type of dock door or dock leveling system. We are proud to offer high-quality weather stripping made from materials such as nylon and plastic brushes, as well as PVC edge seal blade. Weather seals and brushes to fill gaps between warehouse doors and the dock, or dock leveling systems. These weather seals are made from a variety of materials and are offered in different options to suit your needs.

Weather stripping is designed to seal gaps or cracks in your doors to prevent cold or hot air from passing through. In addition, weather stripping helps keep moisture and water out of your door so that you don't have to deal with rusting. We will add weather stripping seals and brushes to your door or loading dock to increase energy efficiency and save thousands of $ every year. Installing energy efficient loading dock leveler and weather seals will close the gaps and help reduce your heating and cooling costs. we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions to your problems.

  • Keep Pests Out and remain F.D.A Compliant by sealing potential entry points
  • Fire Code Compliance with Smoke Seals
  • A.D.A compliant thresh holds add most efficient sealing properties of the door
  • Weather stripping provides effective solutions to closing gaps, guiding and sealing off door entrance
  • Hot weather Applications: Air sealing to keep the cool air in
  • Cold weather Applications: Air sealing to keep the cold weather out
  • We provide expert weather stripping installations
  • Helps eliminate sweating and condensation

Dock leveler weather seals:

Replacing your dock seals is typically done every ten to fifteen years or when they are finally burn out. When purchasing a dock leveler weather seal, there are many factors that play into the seal. Some factors that need to be found out prior to first replacement are if the unit is a stacked dock leveler or a single sided door. The reason behind this is because if the unit is stacked everything needs to be properly adjusted for the rollers as well as the gap between yourself and the opening of the dock leveler.

Replacing the rubber weather seal on your dock leveler is crucial to keep your dock leveler operating safely. Dock and Door Solutions offers these docks seals in a wide variety of different styles, shapes and sizes. Whether you’re replacing your existing seals or upgrading to a new seal, we can help!

Choose from a wide variety of weatherstripping / weather seal designs to effectively seal around dock levelers as well as door bottoms, jambs, headers, thresholds and in between doors. High quality materials such as nylon and polypropylene brush seals. To stop the cold air from coming around your loading dock, we have brushes to seal and close the gap between a loading dock and the concrete pit. One of the most vulnerable areas in any plant is the Dock leveler. This is because when the plant is closed, the space under the dock leveler is open.

If the sides and bottom of the dock leveler are not sealed, rodents, insects, and air can easily enter the plant. Our specially designed brushes will seal the dock leveler virtually air tight. The brush seals against air, dust, and pests that can easily infiltrate the gaps around dock levelers. The nylon brush dock leveler seals, keeping temperatures constant, and the weather stripping provides an extremely effective way of preventing heat and cold air leaking in and out of the dock, as well as providing a non-chemical pest and dust control around dock levelers. Weather stripping Door seals

Our industrial brush weather stripping has been designed and field tested as door seals for hot weather applications keeping the cool air in and cold weather applications keeping the cold weather out. This weather stripping is used for all types of door seal applications such as dock levelers, entry doors, aircraft hangar doors, sectional overhead doors, rolling steel doors, swinging doors and hollow metal doors as industrial weather seal. Door seals are the most common application of weather stripping.

Dock door weather seals:

Door and Dock Solutions offers a wide range of dock door seals that are industrial strength and high quality to protect your business from the elements. The seal can make all the difference when it comes to a successful business. If your doors are not properly sealed, you'll be costing yourself more money than is necessary on heating and cooling costs in the long run. We offer top quality dock door seals that are long lasting and UV protected.

At Door and Dock Solutions we only sell long lasting seals that will protect itself from wear and tear while making sure to provide an air tight seal that won't lose its shape over time or have pinholes or cracks develop in them. Since customers never see the door without the door being open it's easy to forget if the door is functioning properly and not just assumed because of a well-placed piece of hardware.

We are proud to offer a large selection of industrial strength seals that are built to last and hold up to the abuse that is thrown at them year after year. These industrial quality seals will keep your doors in alignment at all times by protecting your doors when they are shut. When you work with our experienced representatives, you can be assured that we will find the product that fits your needs, ensuring that your business remains protected from whatever weather the season brings.

Our brush door seals are very unique as a weather-stripping material because it not only seals far more effectively than a solid vinyl or neoprene, but because it is virtually indestructible. Our type 6 nylon brush seals are recommended for food processing and handling facilities. They are U.L. Rated as "Gasketing Material for Fire Doors" (viable from -100ºF to +200ºF).

  • Type of weather seals we use
  • Bottom seals
  • Jamb seals
  • Header Seals
  • Brush seals

Brush door weather seals are the only fully flexible air tight door seals available for pedestrian doors, sectional over head door, rolling steel doors, double entry doors ,aircraft hanger doors, and dock levelers. Aluminum slide in brush weather seals out drafts light, rain, wind, dust, snow, fumes, insect and rodent. Improve energy efficiency and eliminate heat loss. Defeat the elements with weatherproofing technologies for your openings: Weather Stripping, Seals, Thresholds, Dock Seals Gaskets and Smoke seals.

  • Dock Seals
  • Dock Leveler Seals
  • Pest Seals
  • Smoke Seals
  • Door Brushes and Astra Gals
  • Door Impact Bars

The Door astragal is the gap filler between two doors that prevents air and water from entering in. The main features of this astragal are it is reusable and can be used on all types of doors including rolling steel doors, commercial dock weather stripping and heavy-duty garage doors. The vinyl material is flexible enough to overcome the door's pressure, yet still solid enough to prevent it from sagging overtime. The vinyl is also very versatile.

Astragals help to seal out moisture, dirt, dust and insects from your place of business. Because they are made of a flexible vinyl material, they can be cut and shaped to fit almost any size opening. They have a built-in adhesive strip which makes them easy to install. Astragals also reduce the amount of noise that escapes through the joints.

Astragal, also called an aperture weather strip, is an appliance commonly used for doors that are sliding, hinged, folding and swinging. The astragal will fill the gap between the two pieces of glass or frame for a long-lasting seal. The primary purpose is to prevent air from entering into the area where the door guide rails are located.

Industrial weather stripping:

Industrial weather stripping is proven to prevent energy loss from your commercial buildings. Industries are constantly looking to save money and meet the demand for better insulation of their facilities. Installing rubber weather stripping along your dock doors, you can significantly reduce costs of heating and cooling.

ADA Compliant thresholds add to the sealing properties of doors weather stripping and provides effective solutions to closing gaps, guiding and sealing off door entrance. With sound decoupling, acoustical seal and thermal break properties, the Weather Sealing Products are a perfect way to increase the energy efficiency of your building and save money.

Hinged door weather strips is a versatile item. It not just protects your building from outside climate but also regulates temperature inside. When the weather creates too hot or cold of an environment, door gasket functions like a barrier to separate the two environments and it works both ways. Reduces energy loss and provides extra insulation.

Industrial Weather Brushes

Industrial Weather Brushes are an important part of the gasket system in a revolving door. They keep the weather and debris from entering the building as well as preventing rust, corrosion and collision between the metal surfaces of the door and the door flashing.

Brushes are attached to revolving doors using provided screws and washers. They provide a number of benefits such as preventing rust, corrosion, collision between metal surfaces of the door and the door flashing. Industrial Weather Brushes are made of two or three steel wires, which are poked inside the channel of metal frames. Strands have a proper tension which allows them to be installed from outside, and take up considerable space between the door bottom and the threshold.

In addition, their bristles are able to remove dust again, thus increasing cleaning efficiency and ease of operation of the build. These brushes are manufactured with a galvanized carbon steel handle, black poly bristles and solid brass crimped ends for long lasting use and durability. The poly bristles can be easily cleaned of any debris to keep the entrance clear and safe. The brushes can be easily bent to help with all type of installation.

Door Smoke Seal

Door smoke seals and ADA compliant thresholds are designed to slow down the spread of fire and smoke from one area of a building to another. They can be installed on exterior door walls or jambs of fire rated doors. Working as a part of a multi-layer fire protection system, door seals act by keeping openings tightly sealed.

Door seals and doorjambs provide an essential function for both non-residential and residential doors; particularly those that separate fire rated compartments from one another. Designed to slow down the spread of fire and smoke from one area of a building to another, these products are typically found on the exterior door wall or jamb of a fire rated door opening.

They can also be installed under interior doors in schools, offices, commercial buildings with public access, etc. Typically consisting of high temperature gasketing material with a steel frame, these door seals and jambs are mounted directly against the face (pile side) of the door stop or door casing (casing side).

Whether you're upgrading a building to comply with current fire codes or remodeling your business to make it more accessible, the Door Seal Smoke Seal will be a useful addition. The Door smoke seal is typically found on the exterior door wall or jamb of a fire rated door opening, and supplied in multiple sizes by manufacturers in continuous lengths.

Door Sweep:

Door sweeps are wind resistant, designed to eliminate drafts and condensation, and built to last. When your business is trying to cut more costs, having a proper seal on the bottom of your doors makes a tremendous difference in your energy bills. The bottom edge of the door needs to be tightly sealed. This weather stripping creates a seal when the door is shut. Preventing warm air from coming into your facility during the hot summer months and prevents cold air from coming into your facility during winter months.

Our heavy-duty rubber door sweeps are suitable for use on nearly every type of commercial building, including warehouses and factories. Choose between our common colors like black and white or options such as red, tan and blue to best match existing decor. We know your facility and budget are unique, and we want to help you create a custom door sweep solution that fits both.

Pest and rodent Control dock Seals:

A proper sealing system can help your warehouses, storage facilities and commercial buildings remain free from pests and rodents. Whether you need a complete weather-stripping installation or just a new door seal, our team of experts at Door and Dock Solutions offers year-round service in Houston, Tx., along with the supplies and durable materials needed to weatherstripping your facility. Door and Dock Solutions provides all types of door seals and weather-stripping solutions for your facility, from doors to loading docks. To ensure FDA compliance, you need to seal potential entry points to prevent pests and rodents from entering your warehouses, loading docks and commercial buildings 832-232-9150.