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What is wind load?

Used to refer to pressures or force that wind is able to exert on any kind of building or structure, the term wind load incorporates three types of wind forces, each of which are explained in detail below:

Uplift wind load –used to describe an upwards force of wind that typically affects roofs or similar horizontal structures on a building, like a canopy or awning, it occurs when the wind flow underneath the roof, and pushes it upwards, or when the wind flow over the roof and pulls it upwards.

Shear wind load – this term is used to describe the horizontal pressure or force that wind can exert on vertical structural elements, causing them to tilt, crack or topple over.

Lateral wind load – another type of horizontal wind pressure, lateral wind load can cause a structure to move off its foundations or overturn completely.

Why is wind load so important when it comes to doors?

Commercial and industrial doors can be very vulnerable in hurricane season, or simply in the event of any high wind conditions, and it's vital that they can stand up to great wind forces, such as those present during a hurricane. Rolling doors in particular are of great concern, as are any openings or holes in buildings.

When we're talking about garage doors that are designed to withstand hurricanes, what happens is that all loads are automatically transferred to the guides of the overhead door and the wall angles, and it's important to consider 'dead' and 'live' here. A dead load describes the total rolling door hang weight and is constant, whereas live load refers to the wind pressure forces and is not constant.

Live forces can be thought of as surges or gusts of wind during a hurricane, and you can imagine how the force of a live load can far exceed the force of the dead load. Wind load is the amount of live load that a wind loaded door can withstand.

Is wind load the same as wind speed?

No, it's not quite as simple as that. There are actually several factors that each play a role in determining design wind load, which is a far more accurate measure of how a wind loaded door will be able to stand up to a hurricane; these factors are listed below:

  • Wind speed
  • Mean roof height
  • Roof slope
  • Surrounding topography
  • Exposure category
  • Directionality factor
  • Door area
  • Importance factor
  • Zone
  • Positive or negative pressure
  • Internal building pressure

Our team of commercial and industrial specialists and technicians will take each of these factors into account when determining which type of wind loaded door will best suit your exact requirements, and will install a wind loaded door that you can depend upon to function well for many years to come, and especially under extreme wind conditions. They will also ensure that your door meets every local and state government building code, which have been put in place in response to the recent devastation caused by hurricanes and severe storms. These newer, tougher building codes require stronger building foundations, structures and components and as commercial doors such as wind loaded doors are classed as building components, they are required by law to be able to withstand certain wind velocities and pressures that meet specific building codes and/or government agency requirements.

Our commercial wind loaded doors

The only way to achieve complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting your commercial property from the very real threat of damage and destruction that hurricanes can cause, is to add wind load options to your overhead doors.

Sectional steel overhead doors

Our comprehensive selection of commercial sectional steel and insulated door systems, all come with the industry's most complete choice of panel profiles, gauges, track styles and hardware.

Rolling steel overhead door

Offering wind load options, as well as a wide array of slat profiles, curtain materials and colors, our rolling steel overhead doors are guaranteed to meet any project specifications.

To find out whether your industrial or commercial premises has adequate protection against hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions, schedule a professional, non-obligatory consultation with a member of highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable team members. This is especially important if your business is in a geographic region prone to such extreme weather conditions, and you'd be advised to ensure you're protected sooner, rather than later.

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