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Wind loaded doors Houston Texas

Wind loaded commercial / Industrial door, TX:

Wind load door refers to the positive or negative pressures of wind that move either toward or away from a commercial door. If your industrial doors are not made to withstand high wind pressures, you could be facing thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs after a storm. Wind load doors are designed to withstand strong winds, and they can protect your business from damage in the event of severe storms.Commercial warehouse doors are larger and there for vulnerable to wind induced pressure during severe windstorms, Inward and outward forces will find a weak link . There are simple additions to door system that create a more wind resistant design. Determination of wind load on rolling door involves a number of factors. One factors is the effective wind area on the door. This depends on Door width [ span length in ASCE 7 ] and Door height [ width in ASCE 7] The main concept to over come this problem is “ Two way load sharing “. For Rolling doors this means that wind loads are distributed both horizontally and vertically .

Rolling doors acts more like a diaphragm . The slats are inter connected such a way that they move relative to each other but the relative movement is limited. The result is that the slat acts together , not separately . They share the load. The whole curtain assembly transmits loading horizontally to each jamb and vertically to the barrel at the top of the door, where the curtain is securely attached .This load transmission occurs weather or not ‘Wind locks” [ built in to the end of slats to enhance wind load capability]. Most rolling doors utilize a curtain mounted windlock to engage the guide mounted windlock bar in order to retain the curtain in the guide when the door is subjected to a wind load. The engagement of the wind lock and wind lock bar creates extreme friction when a door is operated under a wind load.Wind loaded doors are your solution, custom made to withstand your wind load requirements, Door and Dock Solutions provides the perfect commercial wind load door for your situation, with a quick and efficient manner.

Features of our wind loaded service doors:

  • Heavy duty Weather seal.
  • Extra heavy duty motor.
  • Custom Wind loads Doors.
  • Insulated and fire doors can be wind load specific.
  • Selection of paint finishes
  • Torsion Springs designed for long life function
  • No downtime in productivity

How to calculate wind load ?

Wind is a mass of air that moves in a mostly horizontal direction from an area of high pressure to an area with low pressure. High winds can be very destructive because they generate pressure against the surface of a structure. The intensity of this pressure is the wind load. The effect of the wind is dependent upon the size and shape of the structure. Calculating wind load is necessary for the design and construction of safer, more wind-resistant buildings and placement of objects such as antennas on top of buildings. Our Wind Loaded Commercial/ Industrial doors offer Protection against wind / hurricane, Not only do our commercial wind load doors allow for wind resistant operation they also provide a higher level of protection against high winds and storms. When heavy winds, tropical storms, or hurricanes hit your area, you don’t want to worry about your industrial door failing.

Commercial doors with wind load :

Sectional steel overhead door

Our comprehensive line of sectional steel and insulated steel doors surround one of the industry’s most-complete selections of panel profiles, gauges, track styles and hardware for commercial sectional door systems.

Rolling steel overhead door

Our rolling service doors ensures that your project specifications will be met with ease and style. We offer wind load options, in addition to the industry’s widest array of slat profiles, curtain materials, and colors.

Fire doors

We offer a wide array of fire-rated rolling steel doors to meet demanding fire safety standards, unusual opening sizes, wind load and discerning aesthetic requirements.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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