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Wire baler, compactor repair services Houston Texas

Wire baler and Compactor Service Houston, TX:

Unexpected down time is one of the most resource depleting and aggravating problems we deal with in business. We see compactor and baler breakdowns every day. Many are the result of maintenance items that have gone unattended and/or early warning signals that have gone unnoticed.

Door and Dock solutions wire baler and compactor Service utilize a state of the art service management system to track every service call from the moment we receive the call through to completion. Our software allows us to track calls for all of our valued customers. Response times for most calls are within 24 hours of receiving the call. Emergency calls are given priority and in most cases can be completed within the same day. No call is too complex and no problem is left unsolved. We can perform any challenges you facing and find a solution and resolve it. we provide unsurpassed service and quality. Each service truck has their own stock of parts to handle almost any hydraulic, mechanical or electrical service quickly and efficiently without having to return the next day with the correct parts.

Service Programs

  • Collect and recycle your Hydraulic oil
  • Rebuild or repair your existing equipment as an environmentally friendly solution to replacing your equipment.
  • Emergency Repairs  you call, we fix!
  • Bio metrics installation for added safety
  • Safety Inspections performed on all calls
  • OSHA and ANSI compliance evaluation
  • Waste compactor clean outs
  • 24 X 7 baler and compactor service coverage
  • We service all makes and models of cardboard balers and industrial trash compactors

Safety Inspection

Door and Dock preventative maintenance program includes a complete safety inspection on your baler or compactor during each site visit. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance on your equipment helps to identify safety issues before they become a problem. Safety inspections help to insure that your machine meets the ANSI requirements for safety switches, warning signs, electrical wiring and ejector chains. This low cost solution to employee safety is recommended by OSHA and can reduce your liability insurance costs. We provides round-the-clock repair service, planned maintenance support and installation of Compactors, Balers, Wire Choppers and Recycling Equipment’s.

Specialty service

24/7 Emergency Service available Phone: [ 888] 611 – 7703

  • On Demand Repairs
  • We service any brand compactor and Baler
  • Self contained compactors
  • Stationary Compactors
  • Vertical Compactors
  • Vertical Balers
  • Pre crusher compactors
  • Drop Body Containers

Balers service

  • Hydraulic oil leaks
  • Broken push buttons
  • Missing emergency stops
  • Damaged key switches
  • Damaged safety gates
  • Broken ejector chains
  • Runs with gates or doors open
  • Noisy operation
  • Oil changes
  • Planned maintenance inspections

Compactor service

  • Hydraulic oil leaks
  • Liquid leaks
  • Pressure calibrations
  • Broken push buttons
  • Pressure washing
  • Missing emergency stops
  • Damaged key switches
  • Damaged feed chutes and doors
  • Planned maintenance inspections

Our service is available on these counties now, Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery, Walker, Galveston, Liberty, Matagorda, Walker, Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorada, Waller, Wharton.